October 27, 2005

Warm Springs, OR

After getting up an hour late, I drove like a maniac passed Mt. Hood to the Dry Side. I had a job in Warm Springs and didn't get to do much site seeing on the way out. I really wanted to meander, maybe stop a few places to shoot some interesting sites, but that just couldn't happen. I was very tired after my gig and was just looking forward to getting home. The drive back, I was determined to get out at least once and try and get a good shot. I managed 2 stops, relatively close to each other. The horses looked so good to me as I sped by, I doubled back to snap a few.

I'm noticing recent shots I am really after a full range of tonality. Memories of the darkroom are dancing in my head.

October 23, 2005


My kid shot this today with her own camera...

...and through the woods...

In keeping my desire to stay behind the camera as often as possible, I brought my G5 along on a hike through the forest. Besides the pure joy of pulling out the camera, composing, focusing and adjusting, taking pictures and seeing the results is what its all about.

October 21, 2005


Opportunities to photograph world renown personalities don't come often. I happened to have had 2 in the last month and a half. Today at the Arlene Schnitzer Hall, I got literally 10 minutes to photograph James DePriest, one who is described by the Chicago Sun-Times as "one of the most important American conductors of the day," and by the Chicago Tribune as "one of the finest conductors this nation has produced." And wanting to push the envelope and not shoot just another on camera flash photo, I managed to set up stands, a light and reflector along with my camera and tripod, take lighting measurements and get off 30 exposures. 10 minutes seems more like 2, but after grabbing the last exposure, I knew I got at least one great photo.

October 15, 2005

Being Small

Inspired by a fellow photographer Randy Kepple, his blog talks about how inconsequential nature can put us. I had a similar experience out on the coast of Oregon earlier this week. A storm was coming in from the west, I imagined how there was nothing to do but wait for it to arrive.

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