December 22, 2011


Music | Kiss the Sky by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra

What are a curves best friend? Highlights and shadows...

What will preserve an image of you that could be the icon image that your children and grand children will remember of you? A great photograph...

December 15, 2011

I call Bullshit!

Music | Someone to Hurt by Client

At what point do you finally draw the line and say what you feel, not caring about how egomaniacal you come out looking at the other end. I'm tired of being polite and sucking up my true feelings of the direction photography has gone to. I know that technology has made the medium more accessible and I think that is a great thing, honestly, I do. I love that we can create an immediate image and call it our own, post it on the internet and have it judged by our peers and anyone else who can find it. What gets me is the Political Correct attitude that everything has worth, to the point that we should not suggest anything negative, because there in life, we are all winners... In my daughter's fencing class, there is a sign that says, In Battle, there is a winner and there is a loser. Sometimes life comes to that. There is a winner and there is a loser, there is a positive and a negative, there is good, there is bad... Pick a side baby, because we're gonna forget about political correctness for a moment...

Is it that we want to falsely believe that we can be anything we want, without working hard endless hours to work on a craft we want to succeed in. It used to be you needed to find a mentor willing to work with you and teach you methods and techniques to accomplish a task. But now, we expect to google upon a subject, read about the trials and tribulations of some dramatic writer who also has read thru endless websites on the internet and dabble at that same task we want to achieve? That seems to be the way to get to the milestones of our desires. Where are the sore muscles, banged up fingers, worn thru leather, hours of latenight caffeine stupors til the sunrises?

I hate the easy way out. I hate that there are "photographers" these days that only know what they have read about, and follow the same paths as everyone before them. I hate that techniques in photography now require a key stroke, a cursor and mouse. I hate that reality has gone by the way side and even 5 year old boys and girls has a softening feature done to their skin tones. At what point will we recognize that the portrait of ourselves is not us?

Wake the fuck up and say something...

December 13, 2011

Through the Portal

Music | Cheryl by Paul Motian Band

Dare I say getting sick might be a good thing? I got to do absolutely nothing for the past several days and never once felt any stress in doing so. I did things I don't usually do, I thought things I normally don't give myself time to think about... I lit candles, took hot baths filled with lavender salts, drank an assortment of various teas, watched intently several movies I might not have otherwise given a chance. I layed in bed and thought of things from a different perspective. And now I feel like I'm coming out of the other side, refreshed...

December 04, 2011

Nothing Lasts Forever...

Is the time coming for one of the icon companies of the 20th century to fade to black...

December 01, 2011

Speed of a Turtle...

Music | Dawn by The Cinematic Orchestra

It has been a tough 2.5 weeks for me. As it was, the last time I did shoot a wet plate, it was difficult. And now, because of bad weather, trouble shooting issues and finances, I haven't been able to push forward with more shooting and exploring. The build up of frustration however is a good thing because it shows me I still have the fire burning to create. With the lack of work, I'm not able to figure out what to do next. It has been a difficult time, but I think I'm finally able to have some wiggle room to at least think about shooting. At this point, I'm just lining up my pieces of strategy to be able to at least think about shooting. Sun Silver, make a box for the silver tank, prep tent for location shooting, nail down my strobe issue to shoot indoors... Every step I take to get closer to shooting, the happier I will be...

November 15, 2011

180 in 912.5 Days

Music | Lush Life by John Coltrane

In conversation with one of my peers, I came upon and amazing statistic, regarding my love of all things Wet Plate Collodion. I have worked with this medium for the last 2.5 years, more so this summer. I remember saving and eventually purchasing the necessary equipment, chemistry and other expendable materials where I was finally able to do wet plates on my own. One of the things I recalled was that the cut sheets of aluminum I purchased was in the quantity of about 130. I also remember that at the beginning of this year, I had to put in an order again, since I was running out. What this enabled me to figure out was, in the 2.5 years of shooting wet plates, I've only shot approximately 180 plates total. That means I've tried to take 180 exposures in 2.5 years. On the average, I've shot per month, 6 exposures.

The humorous aspect is that number... In the digital realm that now pervades us all, I could shoot 180 exposures in an hour for a portrait session. We can now shoot frame after frame, memory card after memory card until we eventually get the photo that will be pleasing to both creator and client.

This goes back to a post I made about Chance and Intent. The idea that as we shoot less, we are more apt to creating what we want as opposed to shooting until we get something we want.

October 22, 2011

Life in the Balance...

Music | Rain by RJD2

I have always been in the mindset that things do happen for a reason, which I guess makes me somewhat of a believer that some things are destined... However, my life and beliefs are hardly consistent, so any judgements can make total sense or none at all. I go on and live the way I do, hoping for the best things to happen.

For the past day and a half, I had an event occur that made me think that my life was somewhat in jeopardy. Surprisingly, I've held it somewhat together, not mentioning it to a soul, until I found more affirmation, one way or another. As my existence hung in the balance, I stayed home, took care of business that I had been putting off to keep my mind occupied. On occasion, I was reminded I was in a floating world, on the edge, at least in my mind.

It really is too bad that we have to get to this point, of thinking we are not going to be among the living to start appreciating life. As soon as I was put into this mindset, I immediately wrote to my daughter, my appreciation for her, my feelings, my love... I hoped that the message would come across as I had meant it.

Unimportant things fell away, things I felt important to accomplish became a check mark on my to do list. All the sudden, things were crystal clear...

This morning, by the happenstance of nature, I got my answer to my future. I took a deep breath and the impetus of my fears were washed away, at least for now.

Where will I go from here...

October 16, 2011

2011-10-15 Pair of Pears...

Music | Someone Like You by Adele

2011-10-16 Bosc Pear>

2011-10-16 Asian Pear

October 15, 2011

Time Waits for Nothing...

Music | Anonymous Melody by ORG Lounge

Another step of the eventual demise of film occurred where there are no longer any manufacturers of motion picture cameras. Those that have survived and the new start ups are all making digital cameras. Soon, just like the recording industry where there is no longer any recording tape being made, film will soon follow in its footsteps, still and motion...

I'm not sure what the statistics are, but I wonder how many brand new still cameras are being sold. Anyone interested in film cameras have huge selections to choose from at great prices, mere fraction of the cost of anything new. The same can be said for anything related to film photography... Why buy new cameras, lenses, enlargers, etc... when the used market is so huge.

Over 2 years ago, I did buy a brand new film camera. In my lack of faith in being a creative in the digital world, I decided to go back to film, go back to large format and bought a 4x5 Chamonix field camera. It wasn't until this year where the camera is getting a nice work out, being used often thru spurts of shooting. Ironically, the last 3 cameras I've purchased were film cameras. A few years ago, I couldn't pass up on a Nikon FM with a 50mm f:1.4 lense. A few months later I got a nice inexpensive 35mm lense too. Sometime last year, I picked up my first Rolleiflex tlr. I haven't shot with it a lot, but I do enjoy taking it out and shoot when I can. The experience is totally new, since I have not had history with it. My next film camera will be the camera I regret selling the most. A Hasselblad cm500 with an 80mm t* lense and an A12 film back. I sold mine back in 2002, but yearn for one now.

I wonder is it that I'm in the age range when folks think things were so much better in the past that I feel so nostolgic about mechanical analog devices, or that digital is just bowling over everything and really changing the way we do things. I'm just not ready to let go.

October 10, 2011


Music | Blue Lines by Massive Attack

October 03, 2011

What I Hate...

Music | Jericho by Weekend Players

I hate bad lighting... What I love? I love the fact that I can shoot a Wet Plate Collodion, process it, scan it and show it. I'm not taking an image, processing out the raw file, adjusting and fine tuning and making it look vintage or adding textures to change the photograph and the scene all together.

I like the idea and taking time to create an image, a scene and work towards the goal. It is so much more fulfilling, direct and meaningful. I am lucky to find something I love doing, and the ability to create a piece from it.

Grace Page Ryder

October 02, 2011

Location, Location, Location...

Music | The Chartreuse Mean by Ravi Coltrane

Today was a stellar day. Brandon Fernandez and I finally took Wet Plate Collodion on the road. Because a dark room is needed to prep and process the Plate, all of our shooting has been done at the studio. After months of talking the talk, we finally made efforts to shot at an industrial area in North Portland. We both hired models to work with, and brought everything we could think of that we might need.

The weather threatened rain since the beginning of our morning, but no one spoke of it. My guesstimation of a 6 sec exposure was nicely off by one stop. 3 Seconds wide opened worked fine for my 2nd exposure, but because the clouds were varied thru out the morning, I had some difficulty reading the light. Though I managed 9 plates, I only nailed 3 correctly exposed.

Fortunately, this was one of them...

As it turns out, this is probably one of the technically most dead on plate I have shot to date. It was a last minute shot and just before the rain started to fall and gusts of winds picked up. A fantastic way to end our shooting day.

September 30, 2011


Music | By Many Names by Fred Anderson

It's a strange place to be, riding the wave and knowing you own it, at least for now. Along side other life's issues, I've been meandering on a cloud of productivity and shooting and feeling like I'm getting some wonderful images. From a visit to the market bringing home objects to shoot, to varnishing the plates, scanning and finally printing; I look over my work from the past 2 weeks and feel great about the collection of photographs I've done. They belong to each other and work as a cohesive unit.

Pomegranates next... Any other suggestions?

September 25, 2011

Is Photography Over

Music | Meditations for Moses by Charles Mingus playing piano

There was a symposium at the SFMOMA recently with the subject line of the title above. There was a question that was brought up, "What facets of photography could you do without?" One of the members on the panel said first, art photography. He went on down a list that included, fashion, sports, and a number of our everyday connection to photography. He came upon a few specific photographs that was created to define our history. as to what he felt he could not do without. Though as I agree that we as people, the photographs were somewhat important, my view of what I could not do without in regards to photography are the images that define ourselves and of family. The people that are important to our lives. It is in fact the history of ourselves are what define our own selves.

Though we have memories that keep alive the things that are important to us, it is the visual reminders that clarify our past. Often times, I can look at a photo and remember that moment that the photo was taken. Both my Mother and Father have recently passed on. I have photographs in my head that bring back strong emotional ties to each of them. I have actual photographs that do the same. I know as I get older, I don't often remember the things that are important. However, it is the photograph that can re-trigger those inner images that bring upon our wonderful memories.

This brings me to the point that I believe photography can never be over. This brings me to the point that photography, though it has been taken for granted recently with so many pictures randomly being taken, the devaluing of the photographic image needs to be taken a bit more seriously.

September 24, 2011

...on a roll...

Music | Shine by Arkestra One

It has been a very good 9 days since I shot Pears to start getting out of my rut. Since then, I shot some tomatoes and garlic. I also got my Wet Plate Collodion website going as well. I just want to start getting my images out there...

Not shooting in the comfort of people these last almost 2 weeks, I didn't have too much to transition to. When I felt like shooting, I just did. I didn't have to plan out and meet schedules in order to get going. So long as I had subject matter to photograph, I was comfortable. The weather however did cooperate and I had great lighting conditions to work with. I had almost no work to show under my Still Life catagory of my site to at least having an acceptable number to show and put the site up, without feeling I wasn't ready.

September 14, 2011

Inspiring Pears...

Music | Taurus in the Arena of Life by Charles Mingus

In my continuation to work at creating, today I finally photographed the pears I've been meaning to shoot for the past 4 or 5 days. I actually think the wait was not a bad thing, though not intentional either. The pears aged just enough where the texture and feel seemed right. But in all honesty, the wait was just because of my procrastination. The evil devil has been rearing its head lately and I've been having to really convince myself to get back on track and start my trek back to creating.

Yesterday, feeling pretty sorry for myself, I got a gift of a call for coffee from Ray. It was just the thing I needed to get out of the house and talk shop, talk art, talk about creating... I managed to come home and print up some of my photographs to put into a portfolio of sorts to have with me at all times to show people my work. The result would be to be able to shoot more people and maybe sell some work. However, the point was merely to exercise movement to get from point A to somewhere else. I've been stagnant and it is certainly time to move.

Today started much like yesterday, but at least I had some inertia from yesterday. Out came the pears, camera, tripod and background. The rest seemed to move much more easily. I was so happy that the first plate came out a winner. It was much easier to focus on the rest of the morning.

So it is apparent that I am battling some demons right now. In order to get beyond this situation, I do hope to keep myself busy and at least hone my skills of the Way of the Collodion. No point being stagnant and starting from the same place I left off...

September 09, 2011

2011-09-09 | 12:15p.m. | Vivace

Music | Spinning by Zero 7

It happens a few times a year and I am always held hostage to my own insecurities... The morning is cool, slight breeze in the air and just about perfect in the shade. At Vivace, I sit al fresco and to my right is this amazing looking Italian woman. She has long auburn hair, amazingly large beautiful eyes. Her figure is long and slim, what every woman desires to look like. But she dresses in such a way that is both alluring and yet simple. A rust coloured dress, black belt and black sandals adorns her well. She casually wears her glasses on her head, with diamond ear rings and 1 ring on each hand. Her posture is perfect as she types away on her computer. I just had a thought that she is most lovingly describing me as I do the same with her... but I doubt it...

September 05, 2011

Old Ladies...

Music | Wrapped Around Your Finger by The Police

I'm amazed how fast time appears to be moving this summer. All ready into the month of Sept, I haven't done a lot of work on the Collodion Process. I did however manage to get in a personal project with my daughter and one of her friends. We were over their place and I was reminiscing about how they would play dress up and be queens, fairies and such. I suggested that they do it again, but this time they surprised me. The came out looking like this...

Lydia had her dress and wonderful hats and Dara wore her latest fancy dress. To be a kid again when time moved much slower...

August 15, 2011

The Things that Make a Good Person... Be Honest, Humble and Patient

Music | Do I Love You because You are Beautiful by John Coltrane

The process keeps you honest. You have no choice but to be humble. Never have the attitude that things will go well, because soon, something will bite you on the ass and bring you back to reality. I've heard this story from others, and now I know and respect that sage opinion. Only patience will keep you sane and allow you to maybe figure out your problem.

I had to have my friend Brandon over, look over my issues and make quick recommendations. Could have been bad collodion, a lens where the flash did not sync along with other smaller issues. I worked with the extreme problems first and did a few quick tests. By the time Cain, my model came over, I was a little more confident I'd get a nice plate or 2.

This is what I love about Collodion. No fix all button, nothing to save your ass but your own devices, or friends in this case. As I shoot more, I'll hope to have the necessary knowledge to figure out issues that may arise. No matter how much you try and control your process, things will change and the process will need adjustment.

August 10, 2011

True Satisfaction...

Music : Undenied by Portishead

Last few days, I've been going back and forth with Analogue and Digital. I mean, I shot some Collodion and shot some digital and at the moment, processing out images from a digital shoot I did last Saturday. I've been shooting analoque on a professional basis for about 15 years, not counting my foray in Wet Plates, and now, surprisingly, 11 years in digital. I just thought of this fact and I am amazed at how close the gap has become. I feel like I'm proficient at shooting digital, where I can pretty much get a nice exposed image with good contrast, depth, composition... What I end up missing at the moment of exposure, I can do some tweaking in post. I am not of the school of doing this intentionally, but stuff happens and if I have tools to fix issues, I can and will...

I also know I'm not proficient at shooting Collodion. I get caught in a mix of variables and often put myself in a maze where nothing makes sense. My first day of shooting this week, after over 2 months of not shooting any Collodion, I had to have Brandon come over to put me on the right track. The process is frustrating, humiliating and often times stressful. However, when that intended image comes up ghostly in manner while sitting in the fixer, slowly exposing its final image from the depths of blue, the moment is magical. I felt this while making black and white images from film in the dark room. The satisfaction is immeasurable.

June 27, 2011

Artistic Summit

Music | Next Girls by The Black Keys

I look forward to when Ray throws down with his amazing lasagne, with folks bringing various libations such as unheard of Single Malt Scotchs, amazing beers and wine. Tonite will be such a night with various photographers attending, bringing in their latest creations where we talk about photographs, art, and whatever else that gets thrown into the mix. Intelligent artists who are proven creators get together and just discuss, and enjoy the company of each other. There is always lots of thoughts that come out of these meetings.

Tonite I'll have 5 pieces to show. Freshly printed, I'm looking forward to showing the work...

June 14, 2011

Know it All... Not

Music | Distractions by Zero Seven

I work hard at what I want to learn and master. As much as I'd like to be prepared for a shoot, sometimes shit happens and nothing goes right. I was very excited to get back to my North Light Studio, my outdoor daylight studio which renders beautiful light. This is the 2nd year I have shot there and I am slowly learning to utilize it under various conditions and circumstances. I did 95% of my wet plates there last year and had planned to go after another one today. I had a wonderful muse lined up and ready to go...

Frankly, I'm very ignorant to the ways and means of a Wet Plate Collodion image. I know the steps involved and the movements I need to make to create an image, but I don't know the process... Today, during my session, the first 2 plates I attempted were way off... Not just exposure, but contrast and dmax... Flat, no black blacks, or white whites. I had my possible ideas of solutions, but unfortunately, I didn't have the resources to try and fix them. It hasn't been more than 3 days earlier where I made 2 wonderful plates that I was very happy with. Today, I got nothing...

Frustrated, but still having the willingness to go on, I went and got my digital camera and decided to move forward. I kept the pace slow and very mechanical for the most part. I didn't want to go and blast off 300 exposures, just because I could... My mindset was still in Wet Plate mode.

I have to say, the thing nice about both Wet Plates and digital is the immediate feedback you get just right after taking the photo. We see what we have done and move forward. I like the idea that the WP Process has affected the way I shoot. I never was finger to the shutter, full blast ahead type of photographer anyway. But I think my photos that I take, digital or other forms of film has made me even more contemplative.

So, from a miserable start and a blow to the psyche, I did manage to shoot some exposures with the digital camera and came up with this...

June 13, 2011


Music | Avalon by Roxy Music

Last week, I got a chance to pour my first 8x10 plate and shoot. It wasn't perfect, but I'm still far from perfect with my little 4x5's... My buddy Brandon was doing some tests and we ended up shooting each other.

The larger medium is quite impressive, especially when you are used to 4x5. I'd love to shoot more 8x10, but at 4 times the cost, I think I better perfect my technique of shooting the smaller format first.

June 09, 2011

Getting Schooled...

Music | Koyal by Nitin Sawhney

Really disappointed, like last year, Portland's summer seems to be getting another late start. Because the studio is outdoors, I have hardly gotten anything done for the first part of 2011. However, seems like we are getting a bit more consistent on the non rainy days and temps hovering more in the 60º+ range.

Other good news is that the other day, I was able to shoot my first 8x10 plate. As soon as it is varnished, I'll have to post it. I've been collaborating with Brandon Fernandez recently who also has an out door studio with a massive 8x10 studio camera. We ended up doing some quick tests of each other, so I also have a nice new plate portrait of myself, which I'll also post.

Yesterday, both Brandon and I got schooled with regards to some studio lighting. We were able to find out that his 4800 Speedotron studio pack has enough juice to properly expose a plate, with beautiful results! He also has a very affordable cfl light bank that enables exposures of 4 seconds at f:5.6 with a nice range of flexibility as well. This opens up huge possibilities regarding the ability to creating Wet Plate Collodion Plates. No longer are we limited to shooting in optimal conditions outside during specific times of the day, we can shoot in the studio at midnight if we wanted!



May 02, 2011

World Wet Plate Day

Music | Cloud Nice by Ben Howard

World Wet Plate Day, a day to celebrate the life of Frederick Scott Archer, the creator of the Wet Plate Collodion Process. Just as I did last year, I again decided to be a part of the shooters using the old technique to honor the master. I also planned and thought of this day weeks in advance. I had a plan B of shooting in a studio in the event the weather was bad, which we've had quite a bit of. My chemicals and plates were all at the ready. I even had 3 models I thought I'd be able to photograph. Turns out only one showed, but we managed to make some fantastic plates. Ayme turned out to be wonderful. Hopefully a regular muse as you can see why...

This has only been the 2nd time I've shot Wet Plates this year. Rain and cold has just put a damper on trying to go at it. My outdoor studio still utilizing a wonderful soft north light, still has no roof, there is only waiting that can be done.

My second season of shooting Wet Plates has me very excited. I still know I have a lot of improvement to achieve, but I feel I'm going in the right direction.

March 30, 2011

Tri X

Music | Who is He and What is He to You by Bill Withers

Every time I process a roll of film, I"m reminded how magical photography really is...

March 07, 2011

Black Coat

Music | Durian by Cinematic Orchestra

I've had this long black coat for maybe 15 years. It was a bit over sized for me when I first got it, but I've managed to fit quite nicely in it still. It is one of my favorite pieces of clothing I have and usually only where it on special occasions.

Earlier this year, I was out at North Light II Studio, thinking I could manage the 50º temps we were expecting that day. However, I didn't take into account the temperature in the shade, which ended up being significantly colder. I knew the length and the comfort of the Black Coat was just what my chilly subject needed as we were in between shots. Turns out she looked really good in it so I snapped a few photos, then snapped more. It turned into about a 10 minute session where I got quite a few nice photos...

During another shoot I had a few days later, I purposefully brought the Black Coat to use with another subject I was shooting. With each person that wore it, I told them to wear it anyway they wanted and to just go with the flow.

Here are 3 renditions of the Black Coat...

March 02, 2011

When the Ending Doesn't Have an End

Music | Induction by Broken Spindles

The exhibition that started this project has selected there artists and unfortunately, I was not a part of the show. Françoise and I had all ready decided we would try and shoot more of the head pieces to continue the project and here are 2 more.

click to view gallery

Though I didn't get into the exhibition with the wet plates, I have no regrets at all in pursuing this project. Having brought myself the opportunity to work with Françoise, Cain and Ray, I have a series of 3 great images to put into the portfolio. It has also initiated me to start printing again, which led me to a few print sales. Working with Ray, I found I may have the opportunity to share studio space where these images were created...

Getting into that exhibition would have been a nice ending to a journey that began when I saw the first show 3 years ago. Though January was when I found out about the Call for Artists, I took on what I thought would be a difficult uphill challenge just to see if I could accomplish something from start to finish. They say the destination is secondary to the journey and I've learned that is correct. I'm not one of the artists that will be in that show, but what I started a little more than a month ago, I'm still walking thru the trip.

February 26, 2011


Music | Love Chant

Serendipity often leaves nice moments and good experiences behind. And so again, she came and opened up a small opening to enable me to photograph Jes who recently came back from Rome, only to be leaving for LA in the next few days. My desire to shoot a wet plate of her will however have to wait, but we still were able to get some great shots. Via facebook, I found she was still in town, and had some time. Promptly, 4 hours later we would meet to shoot.

An unusual cloudless sky, but frigid temps kept our movement limited, but focused. We only worked together once before for portraits of her little bro and herself about 3 years ago. I had confidence that she would be able to project in front of the camera, solo.

click to view gallery

February 23, 2011

Artists, Creating, Something from Nothing...

Music | Angel by Weekend Players

Stepping out of the subject matter I tend to shoot, Françoise Weeks asked if I would photograph her latest creations that were going into an upcoming show. I'm finding it important to being with and working with other artists, if for nothing else, to gain perspective.

click to view gallery

The small sampling of what I shot here still shows the attention to detail, but flow and freedom in which all the various elements come together as well. I'd love to see the process... of creating happening. Magical both as a piece and process... But that is what artists do... make something out of nothing...

February 10, 2011


Music | Jericho by Weekend Players

Close to the middle of January, I found a Call to Artist for a show that will be exhibiting alternative forms of photography. It is the same show I saw 3 years ago which I appointed as one of the most important shows I had ever seen in Portland. My eyes were opened to the amazing technique of wet plates. It was at that point where my interest became focused.

Last year was really the first time I was able to explore the medium, which I still have not mastered. There are so many variables and so many things to comprehend in order to merely get an image on plate. Throughout last summer, I shot, but came no where near a plate I felt great about that stood up on its own.

With that in mind, I decided to go after this Call, short notice, lack of skills, lack of confidence... Inside my head, I knew I wanted to use this opportunity as a spring board, a new beginning to push me out of where I am into a different way of thinking.

Since the exhibit was about alternative photography, far removed from modern technology, I decided to not only use the wet plate as the medium to my images, but to use subject matter without any modern adornments. What would beauty look like without fashionable cloths, jewelry, material objects...?

I've been wanting to work with Françoise Weeks, one of Portland's premiere floral designers. I knew of her work and always thought I wanted to collaborate with her. This was the project. I was overjoyed that she wanted to meet with me to discuss the project and then work with me.

A muse of many years, Cain was the first person I thought of to be the subject of this project. I'm always assured at least one great image everytime we get together.

I know most of my hurdles from this project are my own mental blocks. Having looked back at this, from the perspective of one day passing since the shoot, I realize that just getting the wheels turning was the hardest part. My hours spent with Cain, Françoise and Ray, who let me use his studio was a ton of fun!

My main goal at this point is to keep moving and push my mental insecurities.

February 07, 2011

Great Advice!

Music | Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless

John Harrington - How to Stay Profitable in Today's Economy via A Photo Editor.

... but who will follow it?

January 09, 2011

Stop to Smell the Roses, Moving to find them...

Music | BaBopByeYa by Janelle Monae

I brought out the Rollieflex with the intention to shoot. Bag, meter and camera by my side in the car... On my way home from a brief meeting, within a split second, I saw my first subject speed by as I drove. For another split second I questioned if I should turn the car around and take a closer look. Without thought, brakes on, scanning for an area to make a U turn, the direction of the car suddenly changed...

click to view gallery

Out of the bag, meter and camera in hand, I step out and get my general reading from the meter... 320 asa, f:5.6 @ 125. I want this image to have more mystery and stop down another 3/4's. It wasn't too difficult to line up the first shot as it was the view that initially grabbed my attention in the first place... A simple and almost anticlimatic, click of the Rollie and I was off to look for other angles...

After collecting a few other photos, I knew a great app in my camera phone that would work well with this particular subject matter. Back in the car and back out again, I find the same and other angles to shoot. Often times with digital, I try and keep in the mindset of shooting like I would with film... I won't look at the results of what I shot until only after coming home. A memento of the panache of what it used to be like... But today with my phone camera, I wanted to see if what I had in mind was working...

When something is working, you just go with it. No thinking. I had come to the area I was in by happenstance and so it would be I would drive around without much thought. My only inclination was to drive on roads I've never been on. On almost all my stops for a shot, I pulled both cameras out. I know for certain they will be very different from each other.

I had a very fruitful hour or so. I knew it all started with that bus. I knew that it all started by turning the car around and get the process going. A time to smell the roses or in this case, shoot the dilapidated...
-- --