May 31, 2006

North Light Continued...

I've been up for over 20 straight hours. I thought I would have taken a nap in the afternoon, but I was running errands for most of the day. Opportunity to rest didn't happen. With the turmoil going on for the past week, I didn't get the chance to go over some images I shot a week and a half ago. My make shift studio is working out pretty nicely with the big picture window facing the north. I think my processing skills are getting better too.

May 30, 2006


This getting up early in the morning business might be a good thing, but I think even the most early riser will think this is ridiculous! I got up around 4 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. This happens every once in awhile and I either watch a little TV to fall back asleep or get on the internet until my eyes lids become too heavy to keep open. I went back into my bed, but I just layed there. Knowing I wasn't going to sleep, I decided to do some laundry, wash the dishes and clean the kitchen, arrange my office (a little...). It was 6 a.m. when I finished the kitchen. I found this feat so amazing, I had to write about it.

The sun starts to light up the sky around 4:30 or so. I've never seen the sun shine so directly thru my northern exposure dining room window. A tiny little spider greeted me in one of the bowls I was about to wash. Wow, a neighbor gets up and starts his car at 4:45. Other people are awake at this hour!!! At 6:15, my 2nd load of laundry is in the machine. My morning tea tastes a little better than I remember. Outside is a strange site to behold. Light is in my eyes in the dining room, shadows are invading places I've never seen... wtf?

I'm feeling like that commercial for the army or marines... You know, it goes something like, "We do more by 6 a.m. than most people do in the entire day!" This is just crazy...

May 27, 2006

MakingRoom Magazine

MakingRoom Magazine : Mark Tucker : Louisiana & Salton Sea

A site that speaks with substance... No techno jargon, idiot questions and answers to what type of camera was used with what lens and f stop... Here, we have process. Articles from the artists point of view in his own words.

The link to the site is directed specifically at the Mark Tucker Feature. He's been an artists I've followed for several years now. Check it out. I think you'll like it.

May 24, 2006


She made her 12th birthday on the 7th of May. We've been together for all of 11 years, 9 months and 17 days of her life. Today, she's gone, part of the earth now. As we put her there, Mother Nature let us know how she felt as tears started to fall out of the sky. Her weakened body couldn't hold her spirit any longer and I knew it was time to let her go. My comfort is knowing that she no longer feels her pain and discomfort and can run as her spirit intended.


May 22, 2006

Chance or Intent

Along the same vein of my Rant post, I was speaking with a fellow artist/photographer, SJ Hammack about how she thought digital photography was a totally new medium. the rules are all different, so there can't really be a comparison. My thought is that all digital is trying to do is emulate what its analogue counterpart could do, just much more quickly with more possibilities.

On another forum I frequent, the question came up about being a lessor photographer if you never shot film. It is funny to think I am now one of the old codgers who remembers the good ole days. Anyway, this particular forum is made up of mostly newer shooters who began their careers as digital shooters (at most, the last 6 years). Some are quite amazing, others not so. I managed to be diplomatic and brought up the fact that I have a reference coming from film as to what is possible in print, where photography was all about the print, not as digital files that could be viewed only on screen or seen as a machine made "plastic" print. If you've never seen a print on Gallerie or Portriga paper, your missing the point entirely. I'll not even mention what a Platinum/Paladium print looks like...

What I often hear on these forums is what are the quick and easy ways out. There isn't the skill involved as much when we relied only on film. We knew in the back of our heads that every exposure we shots cost money. That alone would hone your skills quite a bit. I shot a few weddings back in my film days, and I remember shooting roughly 10 to 12 rolls of film - at least 360 to 430+ exposures. Now some of the photographers on that forum are shooting in the area of 1000 to up to as many as 3000 exposures. If you have your cards, you can shoot as much as you want without any expense.

And here lies the concept to the title of this blog. The question could be, "Are we any lessor photographers if we rely more so on chance, than on intent?"

SJ Hammack may be correct in saying that photography is not the same, that it is a different medium as to what it once was. I'm feeling more and more the like the old timer who will always reflect upon the way things used to be... And time moves on...

May 16, 2006

a rant...

It is by nature that communication via the internet be mostly on the technical side rather than on the aesthetics. It is because of the digital revolutions that the world has become smaller. There are so many so called experts in various fields because they have managed to latch onto the latest catch phrases of an industry and get on their soap boxes to spread the word even further. It is all about how to do this or make this look like that, via photoshop or some trickery. No one spends time to figure out the process on there own. They hit the forums on the internet, ask questions and get answers. Often times, the execution is perfect, but much lessor times does the result ever have any soul.

I bring this up because of the forums I frequent and see all the vast knowledge being freely passed back and forth. I think the internet is a great tool for communication. But often times all the banter is about technology. Getting from point A to point B in the quickest, shortest possible way to reach your destination. When I used to ride motorcycles cross country, I often opted for the back roads, the roads less travelled. Sure the interstate would get you to your destination in the shortest amount of time, but your losing out on the things you don't see and experience.

Is the world becoming more Type A? Will all of our wisdom come from what we've initially read on the internet? Where has romance gone?

May 15, 2006


Rich's Cigar and Magazine Shop in downtown Portland is a treat to enter. Not only do they seem to carry every magazine available, the aroma of tobacco puts one in a sense of calmness. It is a good balance for me as the racks of magazines can be more to bear!

About a year ago, a friend was having a Port and Cigar party. I don't smoke cigars, but one of the guests brought in various clove cigarettes. I was offered one and just loved the smooth, sweet taste, which also enhanced the flavor of the port. I succombed to have another, but cut myself off at that point. Off and on through out the following months since, I often thought about a pack.

Flash forward to yesterday, while walking to pick up some art supplies, to my pleasant surprise, I was walking right by Rich's. As I enter, the aroma hits me, to the left, the magazines, to the right, too many to count tobacco products. At the back of the shop, multitudes of various cigars behind counters and humidors. I could have spent hours in there, but I had an agenda for the afternoon. So, just pick up a few magazines, and a pack of one of the finest Indonesian clove cigarettes and I'm off.

I didn't crack the pack open and smoke. This had over the months of being deprived become an event for myself, to enjoy my first clove cigarette in over a year. This morning, sitting at one of my favorite cafés, having an americano, outside in the rising temperature of the day, the time was right. 2 of the regulars had surprising looks on their faces, as they've never seen me smoke before. I was offered a light and took my first toke. Just as I remembered... smooth, and sweet, enhancing even the flavor of coffee. The wait was worth it...

May 13, 2006

Hey yo...

Apparently, my daughter sees possibilities of me being a rap star...

May 11, 2006


There is "Autumn in New York", "April in Paris", but for me, it will be "New York in June".

I just booked my flight out to NYC this morning. I am so excited to getting back to one of my most favorite cities in the world. I'm shooting a gig up in Connecticut, but will be spending some free time in the Big Apple for several days. I would have been happy just wandering the streets of Greenwich Village, East Village and visiting my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, taking photos of the vignettes that are New York City. But earlier today, I got a message on another one of my blogs. I had expressed sorrow that I was going to miss a performance of a musician who I haven't met, who was going to sing in my home town at a place that I had spent a lot of time studying photography Y E A R S ago. We started a dialog and it turns out she is going to be in NYC at the same time I am. I expressed interest in taking her portrait with a NYC aura around her. She wrote back saying she is interested. I am so psyched to be shooting a portrait in New York. I am also trying to get 2 more musicians who live in NY to sit for me as well.

I can't express how excited I am about this trip. All ready I know it is going to be too short, but maybe this one trip will be the impetus for me to get back there more often. Some of my most treasured memories are from New York. It has been to long since I've been there.

I was talking to a friend about New York. I said to her that things can happen in NY that can't happen any where else in the world. I really believe that. The cosmopolitan nature there brings everyone to a plane where anyone can interact with anyone else. All ready, without even stepping foot there, my life has altered a bit, with this positive energy. Makes me want to sing a song...

May 10, 2006


I picked up the print from my lab yesterday afternoon. I've had battles with this lab in the past, but for the past 2 years, I've been really happy with what I've been getting back. I have a good dialogue with the 2 main printers there and they are slowly learning how I like a print to look. However, having prints done for my clients and having prints done for myself was going to be measured. I haven't gotten a lot of my personal photographs printed by them. I was setting myself up for a letdown, but to my pleasant surprise, I was ecstatic to see the print. Viewing on screen just doesn't hit home like viewing a print, in your hands, feeling the paper.

On another note regarding prints, I just viewed the largest photograph I have ever gotten printed. It measures 36 x 24 with the image being rougly 27 x 18. The print has the edges deckled and floats inside a matte, framed in a 2 inch wide black wooden frame. I stopped by the printers to view this beomoth before being shipped to my client in Minnesota. Though I hate to admit this, size matters... I was taken aback after seeing it for the first time, especially since this print was framed and in its final iteration. Next stop it will hang somewhere and admired on the walls of my clients choosing.

I am a happy boy...

May 09, 2006


So an old dog can learn a few tricks... I've loved this photo since the second I saw it, but I wasn't getting the image to look they way I had intended. The result was a much more harder edged photo and I knew that I wanted a more feminine approach to finishing off this file. This is a great result at executing an approach from different angles. The end product are like 2 entirely different photos...

I loved being in the darkroom and playing with contrast, and the various papers that I knew the characteristics of, dilutions of the various developers, pantyhose (for those that know what I am talking about. But hey, I like kink too!)... But what I miss the most is having the print in my hands, right out of the developer, wet and smelly, especially after a sepia tone. Having the need for tactileness is ever increasing. I'm having my revised photo above printed at my lab and it is just not the same! I have got to make some funds to get myself a really nice printer where I can do this at home again...

May 07, 2006

For no other reason...

other than this is just damn cute...

Where culture and location merge...

in Portland, OR...

After being suited traditionally for the ceremony and earlier formal portraits, the couple changed for the reception in traditional Korean dress. We managed to get more photographs before their Grandé Entrancé.

May 01, 2006


I know at least one of my readers is going to think, "WTF!!!"

I've finally migrated all of my sites to one webhosting company, saving lots of my hard earned cash, giving me much more bandwidth and I'll never have to worry about having enough storage space on my servers. I always have issues when dealing with something new regarding the internet. I just don't know the language well enough and confusion sets in quickly. Well after about 3 weeks since I signed up, all of my sites and a few client sites are on my server.

obtw, everything works too!
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