January 23, 2015

Always Something...

Music | Love is a Dangerous Necessity by Charles Mingus

There are still over 3 weeks for the Haute Couture Botanique exhibition opening. For me, it is a bit strange to have started the process and still have so much time before the event. Though I have only framed 2 pieces for the show, of which I probably have at least 12 more to go, I've designed and produced a postcard that is circulating, created header images for the FaceBook events page, located art work of which 2 major pieces were lost as far as I was concerned, and trying to keep the buzz going without over doing announcements and such. Today, I just finished producing and printing 5 posters for the venue to post...

It is getting to the point where I can concentrate on the art work. The plates need varnishing and framing. The other pieces have to be selected, sized and framed. I want to keep up the effort and energy, especially since I have so much time to work on this.

Feels good to be ahead of the ballgame!

13 x 19 posters for the venue...

Posters will be given away during the opening

Always Something...

Music |

January 15, 2015

Postcard for the Haute Couture Botanique show...

Music | Olive Refractions by Johnny Griffin

Françoise Weeks and I will be having an exhibition! Great collaborative images from the past 4 years including tin types, ambrotypes and digital images. 3 live models enveloped in Françoise's latest creations will be on hand for you to see her mastery up close.

St. John's Coffee Roasters
7304 N. Leavitt Av.
Portland, OR.

February 20
6 pm to 9 pm

January 13, 2015


Music | Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Ornette Coleman

5+ weeks and counting for Haute Couture Botanique. I'm actually getting an early start on this as I framed 2 24x36 inch images earlier this evening. Seems I am not going to wait til the last minute to get things done as I have in the past. Still lots to do from framing plates, selecting images shot digitally and printing them up and more framing. Post cards should be here in 2 days as well. It is coming together and the more I get done early, the less I will stress...

Me with framed Amanda 24x36

January 09, 2015


Music | Natural Blues by Moby

Nacre Magazine : Spring Issue 2015

What a great way to start out the year. I just got the news this morning from Françoise Weeks. We knew we had the cover and what images they selected, but it is always nice to be the first to see the final product as the world will see it... Nacre Revue Art Floral is distributed out of Nimes, France.

January 03, 2015

The Portrait

Music | Les Nuit by Nightmares on Wax

Just yesterday, I took some photos of a woman I never met before. Ironically, I was initially interested in photographing her maybe 4 or 5 years ago, but never got the opportunity. She had recently seen a photograph I did of a friend of hers and I think vaguely remembered my name. A few weeks later, I got my opportunity.

I posted several images online, a few from our session in fact. I selectively pick and choose, edit and decide which of them go up, and often move on. However, one interesting comment on one of her photos struck a cord with me. It said she looked worried, or stressed.

As a photographer, that mostly photographs people, I was somewhat taken aback by the comment. Low and behold, Tara, my subject in my image of her suddenly took on a different appearance. She does in fact look a bit worried. Her eyes... her hands... I often shoot for beauty, not in the traditional sense, but in ways that the images are pleasant to look at in the sense there is no conflict. I'm starting to think that I don't look at my own photographs for what they are as opposed to how I think I want them to look.

What is more interesting is that I posted another image of her, that reads somewhat the same as the first...

Maybe not so worried, but melancholy. Not all of the images I shot that day brings that same conclusion, but I did select these images to post and they both have a sadness to them.

By no means do I not like either of those images any less, but like them even more. My choices are emotional more than anything else. Portraits are supposed to be enlightening, and apparently not only to the viewer, but sometimes to the artist himself...

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