March 27, 2009

Music | Golden Rust by Robert Miles & Trilok Gurtu

Moving back in time, here is a shot I did earlier this year. I think the shoot itself is a treasure trove of great images. It is a matter of cropping and playing with the contrast of the lighting. There wasn't a lot to crop here, but I did enhance the contrast.

March 23, 2009

Sherry, by 4x5

Music | Agua by Jose Padilla

So I'm really happy with the image of Sherry here... I'm just figuring I need to be much more selective and have more of a keen sense as to when to press the shutter to release. Other issues I was having was in the scanning process and I'm finding there really isn't this 4x5 monster I thought I was having a battle with. Frankly, with 4x5, I'm shooting much less that I would with the digital slr and I need to slow not only my physical pace, but my mental one as well.

March 21, 2009

The Trouble with Film...

Music | Until the Morning by Thievery Corporation

My journey back to film has been rough... I'm not sure what it is about using my 4x5 camera that I can't bring home the bacon... I'm very confident that when I go out on assignment or a personal shoot that I will come back with a winner when shooting with my digital slr. I don't have to think when using that equipment... it is like they are second nature to me.

I know I'm still in the, getting to know you phase with the 4x5, but I didn't think I would have so much trouble seeing what I think I see in the view finder and what I'm getting back on film.

For the last several shoots, I have intentionally not brought the digital slr to have as a back up, because I thought my mind set of shooting film would be contaminated. I would know in the back of my mind I could rely on the digital if I didn't get a decent image on film... Well, for my recent shoot, my muse Sherry who always brings me back great images, I really did not want another failed attempt and tried to study my way. I hope I didn't put myself in a position of thinking too much, but I won't know until I process the film and see what I have.

With the Sherry shoot, I did bring out the digital slr and shot off a few frames to try and decipher any clues to try and improve my vision with the 4x5. Our session was yesterday morning in the North Light Studio and went well. I am confident with the images on 4x5, but will compare, what I'm getting with the digital slr. I hope to process the film tomorrow and do a decent job scanning the negs, which is another art form in itself...

March 20, 2009

So it isn't because I haven't been shooting a lot of large format that I haven't been posting. It is just that what I have been shooting with the 4x5 is very disappointing. I can't figure out why

Me and only Me...

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March 19, 2009

My Portland Photographer

I can't say it better than this... About Us.

I'm proud to be a member of, My Portland Photographer, the best Wedding Photographers in Portland. Check out the site and see some amazing wedding imagery...

March 05, 2009


Music | Come Sunday by Charles Lloyd

The are places like these in all of our neighborhoods... Place you drive by, never notice or if you do, you mark it as a place to go, but don't... Suddenly, the months turn to years and then, 5 years and then 7...

Tony of Patty Daddy fame suggested we finally hit Slims in downtown St. Johns. I've lived not more than a mile away from year for 7 years. Tony, even more... I had my expectations of the place, but was pleasantly surprised by the interior...

The menu here is typical tavern food though the sign out front says restaurant. There was no wait, but we had a great bartender server. She kept the drinks full and was attentive. I had a very good basic hamburger and fries with a coke and Tony had the Bleu Burger, which he said he was very happy with.

We've got a few other place to visit on the St Johns strip and if they are like Slims, there will be lots of other place to have a decent burger!
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