July 19, 2010

No Offense to Chuck...

Music | A Few Honest Words by Ben Sollee

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

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July 16, 2010

A Good Day...

Music | Black Hole Sun by The Section Quartet

I love this process. I love that there are no guarantees. I love when after you put in the time to figure out problems, new ones come up. I love that it is both forgiving and rancorous, but always fair. I get up in the morning and feel excitement. I go thru my head in advance, all the things I need to accomplish to make today worth remembering in the future. But there is no doubt I will have artifacts, good or bad from the days adventure.

Today was a good day. Knowing I was working with Jen, I knew I was all ready ahead of the bell curve. She was someone I did not have to worry about. My feelings at the end of the day would be of my responsibility alone. After almost 2 weeks of being inactive, I was newly prepared for another go around with the Wet Plate. This time, I solved my fogging issues with a nice bright safe light I found off Craigs List. Those silly entrance lines of the Silver Nitrate bath would also be gone, with the use of my Silver Nitrate Tank I built earlier. I couldn't use it initially because I didn't have enough of the bath to cover the entire plate.

I can see and feel that every time I come out to shoot, I'm a bit closer... With the help of my Wet Plate Brothers and Sisters on the internet, I know I'm getting better.

July 02, 2010

Technology in Modern Times for an Old Process...

Music | This World by Zero 7

Along with change comes new ethical questions that like everything I've been working on lately is a challenge. I imagine over time, when I have become acquainted with the Wet Plate process, I won't have to deal with the purest attitude I have regarding this medium. Because of my lacking ability, I am using digital technology to correct some of the issues I've been having. My thrust in moving backwards was to get away from digital, but as time moves forward, I'm realizing that sometimes technology really is a good thing.

If I have the purest attitude I think I have, I'm gonna have issues.

I'm gonna have to draw the line...

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