February 25, 2010

Studio with Perfect Lighting...

Music | Sugar Rhyme by Bonobo

I've enjoyed going out on days to photograph when the weather has been questionable. The other day, Wil had an idea to shoot out on Sauvie Island, but even before the morning started, it was all ready raining. We both had our concerns, but since the morning was open, we decided to go on.

Before we strutted out under the rain drops, I had Wil jump in the back seat of my car. If I could build a studio with the ratio of glass and solid, my back seat would be a perfect rendering for an architect. I love the highlights over the shoulders and thru the bottom of Wil's hair. The lighting on her face is nice and soft, but defining to show off her jaw line. The light perfectly highlights the highlights, and the shadows drop off quickly and deep.

Maybe a series is in order! Any takers?

February 24, 2010

February 12, 2010

Anna from 2008

Music | Mad World by Michael Stipe off the soundtrack, Donnie Darko

This year has started out in flux between ups and downs, mostly up. However, I've noticed as the days go by in the new decade, I'm having a bit of trouble jump starting my creativity. I haven't shot a personal photograph in a few months. I hate this feeling and the only walls around me are the ones I have created myself...

So, in an attempt to get going, I reviewed some older images to bring out. This photo was from a very good shoot I did with Anna. I do like seeing things with a different perspective that only time can create.

Often makes me wonder what other treasures I have passed over.
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