June 29, 2008

More on Mom...

Music | Who Used to Dance by Abbey Lincoln

I'm getting ready for my trip back to see my Mom in a few days, since the bad news that was brought on to us. I realized there are things that cannot wait and others things that just don't matter much at all.

I sprung to action regarding a photo that I shot of her, probably not more than 10-12 years ago when she and my Dad still lived in Chicago. Thru out her life, she has been adventurous, having competitively jumped horses, piloted glider planes and always beat the boys in running races when she was younger.

I don't remember specifically, but I'm sure during this day, we were sitting in the living room doing nothing in particular when my Mom could have just grabbed my jacket and put it on. I may have had a point and shoot in the pocket and added the sun glasses for more effect. A quick pose and a quick few snaps and here is a photo that depicts my Mom... adventurous, humorous, with a bit of spontaneity...

And btw, I do recall my Mom wanted to go to the grocery store one afternoon when I rode my motorcycle instead of driving the car. She really needed to go so she got on the back of my bike with my over sized helmet on her tiny head and we headed off. She had to be at least 70 years old at the time and never missed a beat. The looks we got were great!

June 26, 2008

Anticipation Revealled...

Music | Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock

The joy and anticipation has resulted in a few nice photographs from my own maiden voyage with the Yashica Mat 124-G. I picked up the processed film and prints from the lab and was initially a little disappointed. But as I look over the prints, images start to grow on me. I scanned these 2 photos and started to play with them in photoshop. I altered them from the original prints much more than I would have anticipated, but I like them.

I've all ready got roll 2 loaded. I hope to be more concise with my exposures as the 1st time, I was all over the place. Meter in hand with the camera, I'll shoot my 2nd roll later this week.

June 23, 2008


Music | Ode to Tip by Fred Anderson

I was recently the lucky beneficiary of a camera I've yearned for since I knew I was never going to get my Hasselblad back that I sold in the early 2000's. This camera has been going up and down in price, but never so low that I was able to pick one up for myself. Now, I finally have one and am in the midst of having to wait for my film to get processed and have proofs made, just like the pre digital days where I would drop my film off at Walgreens and would have to wait as much as a week to see the photos.

I dropped off my 1st roll of film to the lab earlier today and was told I had to wait until Thursday to see the fruits of my labor. In a few months, I will be processing my own film and my feedback to see what I have shot won't be so filled with the pleasant anxiety and frustration I feel now, now that I do in fact have to wait. In time... I keep telling myself that in time, I will be able to get going with what I want to start achieving right now. I have no choice but to be patient.

June 18, 2008


Music | Wild is the Wind by Nina Simone

In the time it takes to have a conversation, my Mom found out she has about 4 months to live with stomach, liver and I think lung cancer. After hearing about the 4 months, I didn't really comprehend too much after that... She had seen the doctors about some back pain just a week earlier, but had another complication that turned into another visit to the doctors, that turned into tests and turned into the conversation that lead to the news of my Mom's fate. I found out thru my sister, Iris the day before I spoke with my Mom that there was some serious health issues. I called her the next day, about 2 hours before she got the news. She was upbeat, but knew she had the cancers. That evening, after her conversation with the doctor, she called me and told me the news. All the cancer, the 4 months... I was quite surprised by her demeanor in which she talked with me. She showed me strength and even some humor.

About 5 months ago, my Mother told me about a dream she recently had. Clear as yesterday, she said she saw her mother, dressed beautifully and at about the young age she had passed away. They sat together as my Grandmother spoke to her and told my Mom that right now is not the time, that she had some things to still settle and take care of. When it is time, she will know.

I brought up that conversation that she had while we had our talk that evening. I think the comfort that my Mom has from that dream has given her the strength to turn down chemo treatments and let nature take its own course. She has said she is not afraid of dying. "It is Time" and she knows her mother will be there for her.

June 17, 2008

When Things are Wrong...

Music | Breathe Me by Sia Furler

Out of focus, blurred, head cut off, loss of shadow detail, heavy cross lighting... Geez!

What could you not love about this photo?

June 10, 2008

Dara from another time...

Music | Once Again by Handsome Boy Modeling School

To ad to my monologue about TTV...

Through the Viewfinder, an Explanation

Music | Amazing by Jem

So when this technique was introduced to me by RatSpike I knew I all ready had the main tool to make this technique work for me as well. All I had to do was spend a little time creating the other elements to fit to my existing equipment. It was intriguing enough for me to want to pursue it. Little did I know there would come so many questions...

Through the Viewfinder is based on cameras similar to this one. Kodak made various versions starting in the 1940's. At the time, they used 620 format film, long out of existence. Hence, these cameras are a dime a dozen at this time, but moving up in price on ebay!

The simple idea of Through the Viewfinder is merely to use another camera and photograph the scene in the viewfinder of the Kodak. Simple...

Because the viewfinder itself is not of optical quality, all of the flaws are captured in an instant. No photoshop needed, other than normal basic adjustments like contrast, toning, etc... anything you would do to a print in the darkroom.

Now questions started to arise as I started to shoot with this device and seeing the results. Why am I so accepting to this method than say the Lens Babies or merely using photoshop? Initially, I never really did like the Lens Babies. The look that it gave looked too much like a photoshop action. Also, the idea of buying something off the shelf to create a look never was an intentional option for me. The idea that these Kodak cameras are being recycled (Very Portland...), and the idea that each one over the years have collected dust in basements, cellars, stored in boxes or displayed on shelves over as much as 60 years have earned my respect. And now they can be used again to create photos that most people cannot create even with the magic of photoshop.

Other questions are still arising as I use this archaic device, printing the files that I create from the combination. I am having battles in my head over the ethics of what I am doing. Besides having some fun creating these images, I'll let the turmoil rage on. Maybe more in the future...

June 09, 2008

Through the Viewfinder...

Music | Spazz by Nerd

June 08, 2008

Music | Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel

I'm very excited with a new found technique, which I will get into later. There are some major bugs to workout and lots of questions to be answered, but here is my first shot. The only doctoring I've done to this image is to convert to Black and White, crop, ad contrast and tone. Otherwise, this is straight out of camera.

I feel another series coming on...

June 04, 2008

A Shout Out...

Music | Simple Things by Zero 7

I've been patient, not so by choice. Though I'm going at a speed where I haven't been too bothered by the length of time it takes me to get to some of my creative goals, I'm wanting to press the pace. But again, between my accomplishments this year and the goals that I have set, I'm feeling good. It isn't often where a person can say that about themselves.

I've been fortunate this year to have a lot of support around me in a creative atmosphere. Having the ability to have communication with other artists, those in similar mediums and those far from it, I've been inspired by works, words and action.

I just wanted to say thanks to those of you that have been apart of this growing period I've gone thru this year. If you've read this blog, more than likely you deserve thanks as well!

June 03, 2008

The Beast

Music | Hello by Poe

So finally after years of living in a basement, dark, dank and dusty, I've pulled the 8x10 Century Camera out into daylight. It will take a really good clean as there is dust in every crevice of this, at least 60+ year old camera. I'm hoping to find more information on the camera and lens and see what history it holds. One thing of note that I really love about the lens is that the aperuture is in front of the actual lens itself. It still opens and closes smooth as silk...

In any case, first things first, a very good cleaning is in order, then down the road, some sort of stand or tripod to hold this monster up so I can point it at someone! I'm looking forward to that day!

UPDATE /2008-06-04 | I've found the camera could have been manufactured as early as 1927!

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