June 17, 2016

Platinum Palladium Papers

Music | No Ordinary Love by Sade

I was generously offered some paper by Hahnemühle to test with Platinum Palladium. I started out using Bergger Cot 320, then Arches Platine, which I found very similar with my very basic tests. Both render nice tonalities, but I found trying to decipher a wet print to dry to be difficult. Experience over time I am sure would solve that. I've made beautiful prints with both papers, but I am still looking for a base to get to consistency.

The Hahnemühle Platinum coats just fine and used the same amount of solution as the above. However, I think the spread goes on easier. I had no problem getting an even coat, at the edges as well. Exposure wise, I started with 8 minutes as with the Cot 320 and Platine. The nice difference with the Platinum is that I get more latitude at both ends. Slightly darker blacks and lighter highlights, still holding details. Dry down is a bit more accurate and to see less flattening in contrast is very nice.

This was my first print with the Platinum and at this point, I know well enough that the variables can change things in an instant. However, with price point being relatively the same as Cot 320, the Platinum would be an excellent choice in my relative fledgling opinion.

8x10 Platinum Palladium Print

June 16, 2016

Processing an 8x10 Platinum Palladium Print

Music | Everloving by Moby

Chemical processing always amazes me...


June 11, 2016


Music | Into the Wind by Trafik

The moment happened earlier today. Having shot some 8x10 film last Tuesday, processed film yesterday, today was my chance to test more Platinum Palladium for printing. Surprisingly, I came very close for exposure for the small test print off the bat. I was elated to see the tonality throughout the print. Quite excited, I went and tried my first full frame 8x10 Platinum Palladium print. It is still wet, but as the image jumped off the page after pouring the developer, I cannot express how elated I am...

Adriana wearing a Françoise Weeks original.
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