August 25, 2005

: Erio Mishima Photographie :

: Erio Mishima Photographie :
I don't update my entire site much, but try to do the main pages as often as I can.

This being my first year of shooting weddings and events, I didn't think I had such a defining style. However, as much as I have been shooting, I'm realizing I always did, but that style is changing and refining itself. For as long as I have been a photographer, I never got a whole lot of feedback. I always knew that I had the ability to go and do whatever I wanted, but I noticed I didn't stray very far from where I always have been.

But because I have been shooting so much lately, I'm more inclined to move forward and chase different ways of doing things. The feeling is of freedom and empowerment.

The photographs on the homepage is actually a simple old style that I have always coveted. The opportunity to shoot simple portraits like this do not happen often enough, but I'm much more keen when that opportunity does occur!

August 09, 2005

Erio Mishima-logogle

Need to Search? Google? You don't need no stinking Google...

Erio Mishima-logogle

Canon EOS 5D

Could it be???

• 12.8 megapixel full-frame (24mm x 36mm)
• 3 frames per second (60 frame burst JPEG; 17 frames RAW)
• 9 point autofocus
• Compatible with all EF lenses (but not EF-S)
• CF cards
• Batteries used BP-511a (Right on)
• New battery grip BG-E4 (Canon has gotten wise)
• 152mm x 113mm x 75mm; 810 grams

Rumor is that this camera will be announced August 22nd and will be shipping in October. For $3000, could this be THE camera? My main interest would be how the viewfinder looks and whether the focus mechanism is of the prosumer level or the 1 series level.

and all is fair in love and war

...Three days later...
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Nagasaki remembers atomic attack

Long Lenses

I love my new lense. I haven't had this much reach since back in the day when I used a Canon F1-N. Can you say manual focus and film. The upgrade from my beloved F1 was to new technology of Auto focus cameras. Though I had my doubts, I finally moved up to a Canon A-2 and a few lenses, but having done so, I lost a slew of camera bodies and lenses for a trade in. It was with the F1 where I had a 135 f:2.0 and a 200 f:2.8 among many other fast focal lengths.

It hasn't been since then that I ever looked into a camera with a longer lense than a 100mm. With this zoom, I can move from 70 to 200mm at f:2.8 across the focal lengths of the lense. I was actually afraid to use it. But after shooting and getting decent results, I shot an entire job with it. It's taken me awhile to get used to it, but I think the look of the compression is wonderful.

Google It You Moron.


Google It You Moron.

August 08, 2005

Digital Black and White

Here is an excellent article about converting digital images to black and white. A very good read!
Digital Black and White

August 06, 2005


OK, I'm on a NY Times kick this morning...

I haven't seen either of these movies yet, but I recommend them due to the director's past history. I'm hugely awaiting for these movies to come to my fair city.
Broken Flowers

Prayers Ask 'Never Again'

Where First A-Bomb Fell, Prayers Ask 'Never Again' - New York Times
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