May 31, 2013


Music | Real Life )Evolution II) by The Cinematic Orchestra

As I've said in my previous post, I've been meeting some very interesting people lately. I don't often go thru a run of shooting men, but at this time, at least within the last 2 months, this will be the third gentleman I've photographed. There are similarities and differences as to why I might want to select a person to photograph, between men and women. I haven't thought about it profoundly, but initially, I found with men, I see characters. Whether from my own past, books or movies, I usually picture a man not only as he really is, but a character from my mind. Sometimes there are who I imagine, sometimes not at all. However, with all of my sittings, I do allow for a collaboration to take place. At least I think so in my head. I guess you would have to ask my subjects how much they feel they have inputted into one of my portraits.


This was the first plate of our session. I honestly knew after seeing it appear thru the fixer that I could stop right then and there. In all, we did 3 plates, one I felt was a bit too contrived, then another I felt was honest and true. But this first image is for me, most certainly the one.

May 28, 2013


Music | The Garden by Zero 7

I've gotten lucky in that I've found a few people who create characters outside of themselves. I love Irish and the things she brings to a shoot. I just met Murakumo a few weeks ago and we managed to get our first session in. She loves all things anime, sci fi and such. She is also a costume designer and seamstress. I've seen some of her creations and hope to be able to photograph her in them.

I thought if I could find 5 different people who could come up with 5 different characters, I could do a series called 5 of 5. Long standing project maybe in the works...

Murakumo in Kimono, in bondage

May 14, 2013

Mode Bulb

Music | Spazz by N.E.R.D

A future exhibition I am a part of is being spot lighted on Mode Bulb. Brush up on your French...

2013 Bound by Circumstance Bound by Choice

May 12, 2013


Music | Things Behind the Sun by Nick Drake

Though Kate had been elusive, we finally got together yesterday after years of talk... As I had known from the beginning, I knew we would work well together. After 3 plates, there was no reason to shoot more...




May 06, 2013

Expanding the Base...

Music | So:Lo by Kate Havenevik

I bought a Cyanotype Kit from Photographers Formulary to learn the process of contact printing in hopes of eventually getting to Platinum Palladium. Years ago, Connie Wellnitz gave me a contact printing frame along with a UV rich light source. I'm finally making use of the printing frame and may eventually get to use the light. For now, I've been using the sun from all the bright days we've been having.

I decided to do this right from the start, so I also get a mortar and pestle, which is required to mix up some of the chemicals. I also purchased a few pipets and a smaller 250 ml glass beaker to mix everything up. I also bought a sheet of Fabriano Artistico paper. Lastly, a hake brush to put the emulsion to paper.

My first go around wasn't a total disaster. I used a type 55 negative of my Dad from way back. I thought it might be a little thin, but I got image. I wasn't sure I liked the texture of the Artistico paper. My friend Brandon Fernandez gave me a sheet of Bergger hot press, which is a much more smooth paper. Having gotten to try an few sheets, various types of neg densities, I think I'm realizing at this point, with the knowledge I have, what is most important is the negative. I'm sure I will figure out how to boost contrast, which seems to be my biggest issue right now.

Today, I had what I felt was a good negative to try again. Though the vibrance on the screen is more than what the matte, textured paper gives, this isn't too far off. I'm feeling progress!

Cain with Flower Hat by Francoise Weeks

May 05, 2013

Sharing with the Past...

Music | Naima by John Coltrane

The other day, I got to spend some time with my past... I'd say close to 25 years ago was when I may have last hung out with Tamara Staples in her old loft space in Bucktown. I remember doing a portrait of her while she was making these extraordinary hats. As she is now, she has a spirit that is free and carries on much in the same way from what I remember. More responsibilities, a different life, sadness for me of the lost southern drawl, she is a woman of Brooklyn, NY. It was refreshing to me that I was able to hang out with her for a few hours, take her portrait again and talk of the past, talk of now and of art.

circa maybe 1987. The Hat Maker

2013. Tamara Staples
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