September 30, 2011


Music | By Many Names by Fred Anderson

It's a strange place to be, riding the wave and knowing you own it, at least for now. Along side other life's issues, I've been meandering on a cloud of productivity and shooting and feeling like I'm getting some wonderful images. From a visit to the market bringing home objects to shoot, to varnishing the plates, scanning and finally printing; I look over my work from the past 2 weeks and feel great about the collection of photographs I've done. They belong to each other and work as a cohesive unit.

Pomegranates next... Any other suggestions?

September 25, 2011

Is Photography Over

Music | Meditations for Moses by Charles Mingus playing piano

There was a symposium at the SFMOMA recently with the subject line of the title above. There was a question that was brought up, "What facets of photography could you do without?" One of the members on the panel said first, art photography. He went on down a list that included, fashion, sports, and a number of our everyday connection to photography. He came upon a few specific photographs that was created to define our history. as to what he felt he could not do without. Though as I agree that we as people, the photographs were somewhat important, my view of what I could not do without in regards to photography are the images that define ourselves and of family. The people that are important to our lives. It is in fact the history of ourselves are what define our own selves.

Though we have memories that keep alive the things that are important to us, it is the visual reminders that clarify our past. Often times, I can look at a photo and remember that moment that the photo was taken. Both my Mother and Father have recently passed on. I have photographs in my head that bring back strong emotional ties to each of them. I have actual photographs that do the same. I know as I get older, I don't often remember the things that are important. However, it is the photograph that can re-trigger those inner images that bring upon our wonderful memories.

This brings me to the point that I believe photography can never be over. This brings me to the point that photography, though it has been taken for granted recently with so many pictures randomly being taken, the devaluing of the photographic image needs to be taken a bit more seriously.

September 24, 2011

...on a roll...

Music | Shine by Arkestra One

It has been a very good 9 days since I shot Pears to start getting out of my rut. Since then, I shot some tomatoes and garlic. I also got my Wet Plate Collodion website going as well. I just want to start getting my images out there...

Not shooting in the comfort of people these last almost 2 weeks, I didn't have too much to transition to. When I felt like shooting, I just did. I didn't have to plan out and meet schedules in order to get going. So long as I had subject matter to photograph, I was comfortable. The weather however did cooperate and I had great lighting conditions to work with. I had almost no work to show under my Still Life catagory of my site to at least having an acceptable number to show and put the site up, without feeling I wasn't ready.

September 14, 2011

Inspiring Pears...

Music | Taurus in the Arena of Life by Charles Mingus

In my continuation to work at creating, today I finally photographed the pears I've been meaning to shoot for the past 4 or 5 days. I actually think the wait was not a bad thing, though not intentional either. The pears aged just enough where the texture and feel seemed right. But in all honesty, the wait was just because of my procrastination. The evil devil has been rearing its head lately and I've been having to really convince myself to get back on track and start my trek back to creating.

Yesterday, feeling pretty sorry for myself, I got a gift of a call for coffee from Ray. It was just the thing I needed to get out of the house and talk shop, talk art, talk about creating... I managed to come home and print up some of my photographs to put into a portfolio of sorts to have with me at all times to show people my work. The result would be to be able to shoot more people and maybe sell some work. However, the point was merely to exercise movement to get from point A to somewhere else. I've been stagnant and it is certainly time to move.

Today started much like yesterday, but at least I had some inertia from yesterday. Out came the pears, camera, tripod and background. The rest seemed to move much more easily. I was so happy that the first plate came out a winner. It was much easier to focus on the rest of the morning.

So it is apparent that I am battling some demons right now. In order to get beyond this situation, I do hope to keep myself busy and at least hone my skills of the Way of the Collodion. No point being stagnant and starting from the same place I left off...

September 09, 2011

2011-09-09 | 12:15p.m. | Vivace

Music | Spinning by Zero 7

It happens a few times a year and I am always held hostage to my own insecurities... The morning is cool, slight breeze in the air and just about perfect in the shade. At Vivace, I sit al fresco and to my right is this amazing looking Italian woman. She has long auburn hair, amazingly large beautiful eyes. Her figure is long and slim, what every woman desires to look like. But she dresses in such a way that is both alluring and yet simple. A rust coloured dress, black belt and black sandals adorns her well. She casually wears her glasses on her head, with diamond ear rings and 1 ring on each hand. Her posture is perfect as she types away on her computer. I just had a thought that she is most lovingly describing me as I do the same with her... but I doubt it...

September 05, 2011

Old Ladies...

Music | Wrapped Around Your Finger by The Police

I'm amazed how fast time appears to be moving this summer. All ready into the month of Sept, I haven't done a lot of work on the Collodion Process. I did however manage to get in a personal project with my daughter and one of her friends. We were over their place and I was reminiscing about how they would play dress up and be queens, fairies and such. I suggested that they do it again, but this time they surprised me. The came out looking like this...

Lydia had her dress and wonderful hats and Dara wore her latest fancy dress. To be a kid again when time moved much slower...
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