January 19, 2017

Moving Forward via History

Music : Calling You by Jevetta Steele

Getting back into hifi, I have certain ideas in my head of what I'd like to recreate, along with delving deeper into this returning passion of mine. There is a ton of new technologies that I have not kept up with and being out of the playground for close to 20 years, there is a lot to catch up with.

I'm wanting to both take advantage of the digital aspect and also recreate the tone and mood of listening to a component system I had in the past. I'm one who is still physically connected to loading film in a camera or adjusting carburetors. In that same vein, I enjoy placing the tone arm on a record and even loading a cd in the player and making adjustments to bass and treble.

Through this process, I hope to hone a sharper, more clear and concise ear bringing back the history of my past listening experiences and also moving forward with the technologies.

January 04, 2017

Revived Passions

Music | Better by Regina Spektor

Music has always been a passion from as far back as I can remember. With the advent of smaller, more, smaller, more, the way we listen to music has changed dramatically and thus I think, the quality of the experience lessens. I've got a nice set of computer speakers when I switched and transitioned most of my CD's to mp3. Got the mandatory ipod and earphones and headphones. I got to listen to a reasonable facsimile of my entire library pretty much anywhere I wanted - at home, my car, on a walk or the bike.

I read an article about a a listening bar in London, where the central theme of the place was the music. Turn off your phones and keep your mouth to yourself. I loved the idea of going back to the very basic idea of music. Let it take you to another place, without it being relegated to the background.

I started scouring the Craigslist ads and noticed the prices for gear was a lot less than I initially thought. I still couldn't afford a nice analogue amp or receiver, but found others that was. I ended up finding the receiver and cd player from the same guy and a day later, bought his speakers as well.

Harman Kardon

So exited to have the components system, I immediately set them up and put on, A Love Supreme. I ended up sitting thru the entire CD with only the music playing with my eyes closed. I have found myself doing this often, falling into the spell of which music was intended.

A few friends noticed my renewed passion of HiFi and one offered up an early 1960's Trio (which later became Kewnwood) tube receiver. It needs a little massaging, but in immaculate looking shape. The 38 lbs.+ beast will hopefully be adorned with a nice turntable and some nice vintage Klipsch speakers. That is the idea...

1961 Trio Receiver
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