August 06, 2013

I Love What I Do...

Music | Reach for It by George Duke

I had recently made a sale of 2 images from the Floral Head Pieces series. A new to me collector saw the images and immediately wanted them. It is always a wonderful feeling selling work from what I love to do. It becomes even more special when a letter of appreciation comes after the delivery. I don't usually gush about such things, but I just loved the way this made me feel after reading it...

Welcomed home to a wonderful package!
Even more breathtaking when I hold them in my hands.
Thinking about why I like these two so much.

They are perpetual, in a way timeless in their beauty,
Images I can enjoy endlessly despite various moods I might be in or phases in my life.
The process itself is timeless and harkens to a past.

They are delicately feminine.
I think feminine comes in many forms.
In these images, you have women who are delicate in their frames and features.
They remind me of how delicate I can be in my nature.
Women are delicate, even the strongest ones, even the ones most tossed by the wind.
Delicately feminine.

They are nature asymmetrical.
I have a strong connection with nature, the outdoors, wildlife, living freely.
The flowers have the asymmetry of nature that hints at a field of wild flowers in the wind.
They are also bold and overstated yet seemingly natural in their place.
Nature asymmetrical.

Perpetual, delicately feminine, nature asymmetrical.
oh and mine!

August 02, 2013


Music | Sending Me Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen

Today has been a bit of a whirlwind day. I haven't physically seen my daughter in over 7 months. I'm sure our pacing will get figured out, but we did a lot in the 9 hours since the airport pick up. Besides stopping by her old stomping grounds, eating at one of her favorite places, getting on her bicycles and riding the PDX streets which she has missed, we surprised one of her best friends with a visit, where only her Mom knew we were coming. These girls have know each other practically their entire lives. They are only 6 months apart and via walking our dogs and daughters thru the park, I've known her parents probably since Dara was 8 or 9 months old...

As babies, they shared the same laps of all our mutual friends, shared the floors of the cafe we all frequented, and as they got older, made almost all of their birthday parties... Various Holidays from Thanksgiving, Christmas, Cinco De Mayo... they have spent a lot of time together.

As they got older, different friends, schools and interests took their course. But a visit with each other was never neglected, nor ever not wanted...

Lydia too has not seen Dara just as long as I. When opening the door to see who was there, welcoming bright faces were greeted and banter as if they saw each other yesterday ensued... No beat was missed.

Just like the day, looking at these girls together today, and knowing over 12 years have passed since we all met, it feels like another whirlwind has taken me. Despite time, it is wonderful to see some things just don't change...

2013-08-02 Dara and Lydia in the back yard...

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