May 25, 2007

Stepping out of the comfort zone...

Music | Rock Me Baby... by Gretchen

Note the time... I just returned from a night of poetry and music and a visual delight of people who came to attend Poetic Nights at the OHM Nightclub in Old Town. I've got Gretchen in my head singing "Rock me baby... Rock me all night long..." She is a little petite women dressed in a very conservative beige skirt and jacket that one would never think had this amazing sensual voice. She literally transformed into a sex kitten as she let out her song and fighting to unbutton her jacket.

Quite a few poets came out, 3 that had words that hit me up side the head. I had talked about stepping out of my comfort zone earlier, and tonite was a prime opportunity for me to do so. As one of the first poets that left a heavy impression on me read, I thought about my new series of photographs. "Portland Poets" was born. There was still the issue of introducing myself and talking with my possible future subjects. But with my cards in hand, I was surprised how easy I was able to talk with them. All 3 seemed genuinely interested, so in the next few weeks, we'll see if this starts to happen.

The evening went on with a great local band finishing up the night for me. I got to meet finally a woman that I had spoken with and communicated via the internet for a photo shoot. She is an amazing singer that joined the band for a song.

I'm riding home, thinking what a great night I had. Now I'm cruising along empty streets, traffic lights turning green as I approach the last turn before I can park my bike. Suddenly, a mere 4 blocks from my home, a car is blasting thru the intersection, apparently not seeing me as I am going thru the same intersection. Fortunately, I'm in a gear where I flipped the throttle, accelerated hard, slide over to my left as the car misses me by 5 feet.

I'm not as shocked as I thought I should be. I could have been T-boned by a fast moving car. For a moment, I heard in my head the collision. My night ended to reinforce me that stepping out of my comfort zone isn't as bad as being dead. I imagine things will come easier now.

May 23, 2007

ha ha ha, but then again...

Music | Polvere di Gesso by Gianmaria Testa

May 22, 2007

Ch ch ch ch Changes...

Music | Castles Made of Sand by Jimi Hendrix

Lately, I've been processing my photos as colour and liking it. The last 2 big events I have shot, I didn't process out any black and white images, like I do the majority of the time. I'm not sure why this shift has taken place. I'm confused by the turn.

More stranger than fiction, at least for me is a process called cross processing. Back in the film days, for effect, photographers would develope their colour film in slide film chemistry and vice-versa. I've never pursued this technique because I always thought of it as an ineffective cover for bad photography.

Now here I am, shooting more colour than normal and showing you an image which I really like that has the cross process technique, in digital form. Where am I going from here?

May 19, 2007

Rohner Letterpress

Music | If You Want Me to Stay by Sly & the Family Stone

And now I have to meet the timeless elegance of my new business cards in everything I do...

It isn't just the way it looks, it is the way it feels. The weight, the subtle oh so very subtle texture, the indent of where the fonts and logo have been pressed... There is nothing like letter press printing.

The March of Time...

Music | Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire

My nephew is 29 years old and got married! Daaaa-yummmmm!!!

May 17, 2007

It's Time...

Music | The Walk by Imogen Heap

Late last night, I headed out to a bar, lots of drinks, lots of smoke and interesting conversations. I went intending to write down streams of thought, for inspiration, ideas, and plans. Over the last few months, I've come to realize I've been stagnant - as a photographer, artist and even as a person. I haven't challenged myself into creating or doing something new. Not to say the jobs I have had have not been challenging, but I've been solving problems that may have arisen in the same way I have been. I'm not into falling and getting comfortable into formulaic solutions. But in the back of my head, I know I haven't done anything to stir up some mojo.

During my stream of thought writing, on my over sized index cards, I wrote...
"Step up and move into the next level. It is time. Venture out and embrace the unknown."

Shortly there after, I had a brief conversation with a gentleman sitting next to me. He asked how my writing was going. I told him I was trying to stir up inspirations, come up with ideas for execution. "Execution!!!" he said. "Isn't that a wonderful word? Often difficult to achieve, but once put into action, almost always there is a result of change, mostly towards the positive."

I thought for a moment I was having a conversation with a wise man who spoke his words to me out of the blue, then said goodbye and left.

So I've got ideas in my head, inspirations conjuring. My plan is to do something that will put me in a higher plane, a level I haven't reached ever, or at least in a very long time. It is time...

May 13, 2007

Quiet Before the Storm

Music | Ballad for Old Souls by Muhal Richard Abrams

It is nice to have social obligations now and then. Lately, I've been attending gatherings, events, meetings and such. Much more the usual for me, especially at this time of the year.

My work load is light, but seems heavy with the happenings going on. I have managed to work up jobs that have come thru, only because I've been more diligent and particularly focused. I've got a work load coming up in few months that I have not seen the likes of. I'm confident I can manage thru it, but at that time, I'll be going thru some new software explorations that will also be necessary for me to get thru my work flow. Why not push the learning curve up front to now, you ask. That would be the easy way out... besides, I need to have the pressure of job situations for me to get motivated.

I am quite excited to have one of the busiest summers as far as I can remember. Lots of challenges and the new experiences of growth. It is gonna be a great year!

May 03, 2007

Glad to be Home...

Music | Why Georgia by John Mayer

8 days, 4 cities, over 4000 miles in the air, 1300 on the road, 3 time zones. A 12 hour work day where 95% of that time was on my feet with a heavy camera in my hand, a over 40 person portrait session as it begins to rain, a pair of road trips, to and from totaling over 20 hours on my ass in the drivers side of the car, far too less amount of hours sleeping... I've been on adrenalin until today where I have no commitments to anyone and I begin to crash...
-- --