January 27, 2007

The Internet Vortex

I often spend a lot of time my computer, running my photo files thru to convert or modify, taking care of my finances, working on marketing issues... And then there is the internet. I know since I finally got a 28.8k modem with my Apple Performa 400, I've been hooked on the internet. It has sucked the life out of me where I could have been doing so many other things, but instead, I sit in front of the screen and see what is "out there..." I remember reading about how the internet has turned into a disease for many people where they live out there lives virtually. And with the speed that the internet now achieves, there is so much available, creating even more distraction.

In an attempt to change this decade+ old obsession, I'm dropping some of the often well read forums I would frequent. After thinking about all the time I spend on some of these forums, and thinking of my ROI, I've opted out. Slowly, I hope to take back some of the life that has been enveloped on the internet.

January 25, 2007

Bedroom eyes... closed

Music | Back to Life by Soul II Soul

bou·doir /ˈbudwɑr, -dwɔr/[boo-dwahr, -dwawr] Pronunciation Key
a woman's bedroom or private sitting room.

The lesson learned over the 2006 year was to make certain to keep shooting and trying new things. I know I've become more accustomed to at least try and shoot things I would have earlier turned down. But I like where I have come to. I still have an arrogance as to what I shoot, they way I shoot, and approach a subject, but I feel that keeps me on edge. I'm just now though going thru with some things I would only think about, not actually do. Theory without practice doesn't leave any lessons.

So I was presented with this opportunity to photograph this woman, without actually meeting her in advance. Our conversations has all been thru the internet. But thru our "chatting", we got a good feel for each other and where we were coming from for the planning of this shoot. I was lucking enough to work with a woman who was very comfortable with her body and was willing to try anything I suggested. A lot of time was just jazz, as we improvised without many words.

My colleague, Randy Kepple has worked this mantra of "Finding the Light" over the last few years. I was prepared with most of my lighting kit for this shoot, but I opted to use the ambient light in the room, instead. I was again struck with great luck with a window that practically went from the floor to the ceiling. It wasn't too hard to see what was happening in front of me as the light just danced.

January 23, 2007

When Cute is Cute

Music | Never Let Me Go by Bill Evans


January 17, 2007

and we do it fashionably...

Music | Lifesaver by Emiliani Torrini

What is this thing, called snow...

Music | Instinctive Traveler by Dissidenten

This funny thing, called snow
It stops a lame city, like Portland
With just 3 inches, layed on the ground...

My kid loves it. She hasn't been to school all week. Today we really got into it and did our thing. 2 Snow men, a fort, snowball fights...

It is truly amazing how a city the size of Portland cannot deal with the white stuff. Not enough plowing trucks, no salt to lay on the ground, inexperienced drivers... With all of the hills we have here, you'd think there would be some priorities here. But not Portland, we'd rather shut the city down entirely letting businesses suffer, not allow our kids to go to school and just hang out at home...

But we did have fun!

January 11, 2007

to begin again...

Music | Olivia by Fred Anderson

I met Tanya via the internet, then at an exhibition she was showing at in the Pearl. She had some work that I really admired. We have been able to communicate a bit since we met earlier last summer and the one thing I found is that she is constantly creating. I noticed in December that she had some new work in pastels, a medium I didn't see much of when I visited her studio. They reminded me of a piece she did that was one of my favorites, but that she no long had. My December hadn't produced any photography, so I made another push to Tanya to sit for me for a portrait. Earlier this week, we got together...

I am sure this is not the vision Tanya has of herself when she views this. But it was ingrained in me upon our first meeting. Her work is bold, straight ahead with vibrant colours. But Tanya herself, upon me introducing myself was far from what she was creating. I'll only say that when I viewed this photo during my first edit, I knew this was the one.

Talking with artists, not just photographers is invaluable to me. The way one sees the world is vast enough, but communicating with artists of other media makes the range of concepts and ideas so much wider. Often far beyond my comprehension, I usually take home new ideas days, weeks and even months later.

I'd like to move back towards a series I started back in Chicago with portraits of artists. Not only to add to my own work, but to get as much vision via other art and artists as I can. I feel at home with them.

January 09, 2007

Arnold Newman

One of my big gripes about being in a smaller city is the lack of world class photography exhibits. I was happily surprised back in October to find that Arnold Newman had some of his works showing at the Oregon Jewish Museum. I had made plans to see it, but time just few by and in less than a week, the show was going to be gone. Good thing a good friend Joni lit the fire to both Randy Kepple and I to see it.

After a hearty lunch of dim sum, we walked over a few blocks to see the exhibition. I shouldn't ever be surprised to see actual works of art being so amazing, but I still am. There is nothing like seeing real photographs, exactly the way the artist intended. As it turned out, we found that Mr. Newman himself printed all of the photographs for this continuously traveling show.

It brought to question in all of us, how perfection is defined so superfluously these days in our professions as photographers. Time has certainly been a major influence in the ways we see perfection. I considered many of what I saw as strong, emotional and telling in what is, truth. Arnold did not display his subjects as objects, did not make a major production to ad to the settings to make his photographs. He used the environment, his skill to make his perfection. He was the artist and he defined his rules.

Arnold Newman self portrait, c. 1940

January 06, 2007

The Hike

Music | Billows of Rhythem by Dave Holland

In keeping with trying to be more physical, which started in mid December for me, my daughter and I hiked a trail in Forest Park, something I haven't done in a few months. We've done this hike ever since she was maybe as young as 3 months old, being carried in a sling or backpack. I walk the trails and see other moms and dads with their child that are infants and remember those times fondly.

Now D is the daredevil we always anticipated...

In the spirit of zen, we often make rock sculptures off the beaten path. For those who chose the road less traveled, they were rewarded with our work.

January 04, 2007

an Old Friend is Coming Home...

Music | To Turn You On by Roxy Music


January 02, 2007


Music | Breathe Me by Sia Furler

Last evening, I was dreaming I was on a train underground, maybe the subway...

To dream that you are in the subway, denotes that you are reaching your goal via unconscious methods. You may be exploring hidden aspects of yourself. Alternatively, it suggests that you are making a hasty decision.

To dream that you are on a train, is symbolic of your life's journey and suggests that you are on the right track in life and headed for the right direction. Alternatively, you have a tendency to worry needlessly over a situation that will prove to work out in the end..

Interesting the way the Subway is described. I worked pretty hard in 2006, more so on creativity and trying to reach, or at least affect my subconscious. I'm not sure what my exploration has brought, but I do think I was affected. As far as making any hasty decisions, I think waiting decades to move forth is long enough.

As for the Train interpretation, I may be on the right track, but it seems I haven't been moving in the right direction!


I searched and found the great song by RÖYKSOPP, Remind Me from the Geico commercial where the caveman walks thru the airport as the lyrics, "Everywhere He Goes, Theres Something To Remind Him..." plays.
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