September 30, 2013

Group Show Entries

Music | Look Down from the Bridge by Mazzy Star

It is good to have curators as friends. Because of possible difficulties of an upcoming and quickly arriving opening this Thursday, I was asked to be a part of a group show of Erotic Arts. This really was last minute as I had to deliver ready to mount artwork yesterday. I had roughly 2 days to select, print and frame 2 pieces. Once I had the confirmation to go ahead with production, everything fell nicely into place. No problems with the digital files, printing or even the framing. I can only hope that all my future endeavors of such nature will be as smooth.

I had an open invitation to show whatever I wanted. Because this is the same venue where my solo show will be in June of next year, I opted not to show any plates. I had a nice run of shooting some great digital images so I picked my favorite 2 and ran with it.

It has been a very long time since I printed 11x14 image size prints and then framing them in a 16x20 inch frame. I was pleasantly pleased with the results. I might have liked to go a bit bigger for the frame, but I have no regrets with the final piece as it will hang...

Framed prints ready for delivery

September 03, 2013

I Dig This...

Music | Missing by Beck

Flying Time...

Music | Bloodstream by Stateless

40 minutes away from the 4th day of September. Where did August go? As we move forward, it is now that I want the days to move quickly towards me getting back to shooting plates. I have since found I have another solo show for June of 2014. I'm starting to shoot content beginning Thursday and am scheduling more thru the 16th. With the 8x10 up and running with that beautiful Petzval lens, I'm really ready to go. I've got fresh collodion, sunned silver and not enough plates, but should be fine getting thru this first batch of shooting.
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