December 30, 2012


Music | Dusk by Andrew Hill


Almost 2 years have passed since I had an idea of getting this image of Jessica. And only by chance did I find she was back in town for me to ask for her to sit. Short notice and all, everything fell into place.

A more clear depiction of an amazing tattoo

December 14, 2012

Photo Lyceum

Music | This World by Zero 7

Several times a year, Ray Bidegain hosts Photo Lyceum. A gathering of some very talented photographers which on this occasion included, Susan de Witt, Evan Schneider, Jody Ake, Peter Gomena, Clarke Galusha, and Brandon Fernandez. Missing in action was Robert George.

Wednesday night was one of those special occasions. As per tradition, we start the evening with drink and great conversation. Into dinner, single malt scotch, the showing of images (which we all are required to bring), dessert and more images and more drink...

Wine, French Onion Soup, Lamb, potatoes and green beans...

The bottle of the evening...

Great shot by Evan Schneider

I'm realizing the conversation, FOOD and photography are on equal footing for these gatherings.

December 10, 2012

Gel Transfer

Music | Feel Good inc. by Gorillaz

I just recently wrote about the fact that I try and concentrate on one thing while in the learning phase, but I saw some images that Susan DeWitt had posted on Face Book. All ready renowned for her Lith Printing technique, she posted some images via a new technique that was reminiscent of Polaroid Transfer. Dreamy and impressionistic, tactile and a bit raw, I was immediately drawn.

I had asked her if she could give me some tips to get me going and she invited me over as she was giving a demo to another photographer, Philip B. Bowser. It was fantastic that I was able to piggy back on this workshop.

Susan went thru the process by showing how she went about her work flow several times. Both Philip and I got to make are own as well. Susan printed our digital transfer film, but we both made our own prints. As expected, since we had a great teacher, we both made perfect prints to take home...

btw, this image was made into a 7x7 inch print from a file I had on my phone which was 82k in size. There is just a hint of pixalation on the final print.


Music | The Here and After by Jun Miyake

half a century... and as i get older, it appears time moves faster and faster.

some things i feel i know, wisdom of time and such.

i fall in love without knowing if it is true, here i am still a child.

time, time for thought

what i've accomplished, what i haven't and proclivities of desires...

some things appear important and i ask, are they?

wisdom asks the same, so i go on wondering.

often visiting the brain - could have and should have?
left or right, yes or no?

the question becomes tiresome

i need to keep moving, creating, living. no room for fatigue.


50... reflection, lots of reflection.

it has been good, with some serious rough spots.

i learn, i don't learn, i ignore, i act.

i've all ready helped create my most magnificent gift to the world
and i know i have to let go. she is her own now.

so proud am i, i don't need to give more.

on the way down i know. eyes, muscles, joints feel it.

future, past... future, fear.

it is no different from when the child was a child.

but now i have wisdom

but like the child, can i move forward without looking back?

December 09, 2012

Thank You, Epson

Music | Aisha by John Coltrane

As posted before regarding the Freedom Fighter shoot 3 weeks ago, I was invited to be apart of the traveling exhibition. My only stipulation was that I wanted to get the images printed professionally and that they would be matted and framed.

I took the initiative to get the ball rolling for sponsorship and contacted Epson to see if they would supply ink and paper. I decided I would print the images myself to save on labor costs. Mid day Friday, I found out that Epson has accepted my proposal and will be sending me ink and very nice paper to print these images.

Thank you, Epson.

December 06, 2012

~~ Your Very Own Wet Plate Collodion ~~

Music | When Love Calls by Atlantic Starr

2.5 inch square framed Wet Plate Collodion

As Posted on Facebook...

Have an original Wet Plate Collodion Portrait done for yourself or friend as a Holiday gift.

This is your chance to have a portrait created in a historic manner that can't be duplicated digitally. These one of a kind Tin Types are processed just the way it was done over 150 years ago. All plates are 2.5 inches square and will be matted, mounted in a wooden 5x7 inch black frame.

Give a gift to yourself, family or friend in a most unique way. This holiday special goes on until December 21st. Contact me directly thru Facebook to book your date.


2.5 inch Framed Plate (1-2 people) $65.
Additional plates can be purchased at the time of your sitting for an additional $55.

Portrait session for a single image will take approximately 30 minutes.

All images will be delivered the following day of the shoot.

December 05, 2012


Music | Butterfly by Floetry

I've always tried to keep things simple, especially when going thru a learning process. I've been shooting Wet Plates for about three and half years now, and though I know I've gotten better, I still have so much to learn, understand why some things happen sometimes and other not...

A month ago, I thought it would be interesting to make smaller plates, mostly so I could sell my art at a more affordable price. Also, plates that were smaller in stature I thought would be easier to part with.

So now I make things a little more complicated by introducing a smaller format, with other new things to learn and figure out. I still get the same joy out of shooting the plates thru the Rolleiflex. The plates, petite, but still with a lot of presence. I've been happy the more I shoot and figure out a smooth workflow.

What I really love is that the quantity of my materials go a long way! With most people, bigger and bigger their pieces go, I've been happy shooting 4 x 5 and now 2.5 x 2.5. I screwed up 2 plates, for a total of 10 for yesterdays session. Looking at the bottle of collodion, it appeared like the same quantity was in the little bottle.

I just varnished the 8 plates this morning and admiring my little gems. Besides the still lifes I shoot with this smaller format, I'm not sure what I will do with my portraits and nudes.

The only issue now that I have is the desire to shoot both 4 x 5 and the smaller square format. Kind of the same dilemma when I started shooting wet plates in the beginning. I felt the need to shoot both digital and the plates... I've learned of course I don't need to, but I think this one will be a bit harder to commit to...

December 04, 2012

A New Muse | A New Format

Music | Over by Portishead

Aimée and a Rolleiflex with plate back adapter to shoot 2.5 inch wet plate collodions...

If today is an indication, working with Aimée may become a more regular occurence. Besides being stunningly beautiful, our aesthetics of the creative process is similar.

Working with the Rolleiflex and wet plates will be a more difficult task. I am quite pleased however with the results of today.

A great way to start 2 new relationships...
-- --