April 28, 2015

ElizaBeth Rohloff

Music | When I Fall in Love by Bill Evans

Part of a series for ElizaBeth Rohloff. The theme is about breaking out of the binds that hold you down.

I love having clients that step out of the norm and take a direction that is a bit off center.

April 25, 2015

Françoise Weeks

Music | Check the Rhime by A Tribe Called Quest

Elizabethan Collar | Profile | Wings

Elizabethan Collar

April 18, 2015

Creative Collaboration

Music | Protection by Massive Attack

I get to work with great, creative people. I think our energies mesh and wonderful things just happen. During one of my meetings with ElizaBeth Rohloff Millinery for an upcoming shoot, I saw a few of her display hats that were more couture. Whenever I go there, I want them to shoot with. This time, she lent me 2. I had Phanthia come over for another shoot, but ended up using her to model the hats.

This was the 2nd time I've worked with Phanthia. She said she had never modeled in front of the camera before, but liked the experience of our first shoot. We worked well together and I thought she would be great for a few of my jobs. She'll be working again for another client on Monday.

I love it when things just work!

April 04, 2015

Cyanotype II

Music | Piano Sonata No. 14 In C Minor by Ludwig Van Beethoven

I made more Cyanotypes, but this time with 4x5 negs. I also bleached and toned with black tea for the 1st time. I've all ready made plenty of mistakes, worst of all making a print while the paper was a bit damp, which transferred spots on my neg that I don't think will come up. Ruined... I have since purchased a hair dryer to ensure my coated paper is totally dry when making more prints.

I know I need to take a class and get my technique sorted out, but I am learning a good amount on my own. I will need to figure out things like neg density in order to get the best print. As it stands, I am not sure how to make a good print great. I know in time I will get there. I am happy with my lack luster efforts and my better ones. It is all about the process of learning...

Amanda, 4x5 Cyanotype bleached and toned with black tea...

April 03, 2015


Music |  Unlike Me by Kate Havnevic

Quite excited about venturing into new grounds... With the addition of a field 8x10 camera, I can start shooting the format outside. And with big negs, I can make contact prints. I am starting for the 2nd time to print cyanotype. My first go around was contingent on using the sun as my light source. This time, I have a indoor light source where I can get consistent exposures anytime of the day, night, summer winter...

A few weeks ago, I was able to test my 8x10 Burke and James with Shayna Rae. I only did 2 exposures, but used the neg to make my first test strip. 4 min, 30 sec exposure, which makes me extremely happy!

I think I'm off to a fantastic start, but always respecting the process. I know the photo Gods can strike at any moment!

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