December 31, 2007

Transparent Truth

Music | Lontano by Jose Padilla

Transparent Truth
is launching tomorrow. In the works since mid October, Randy Kepple, Rod Jewell & I make up this new project where we'll try to capture a freedom that has eluded us for decades. In a concerted effort, we will be looking to push our envelopes beyond our norm. 1 image per week that allows us to shoot what we feel like without constraint or reason.

This has been a long time coming for all of us, but still not an easy venture to jump into. We've had our battles where this almost didn't happen. We also have had great philosophical ideas pass on between us that have inspired. It is the power of 3 that is making this work. It seems like at least one of us has the strength to push thru where the other 2 have not. And there lies the strength for this to work. I think this unit of 3 will be a positive experience for all of us.

So... I invite you to check out
Transparent Truth
starting tomorrow. We're still working out a few kinks, probably up to the last minute. I think you will enjoy the varying perspectives of 3 photographers looking to find our freedom...

December 24, 2007

more Sunday Morning...

Music | Flashback by Fred Anderson

I'm back in my early days of college, my early days of assisting when everything about photography was new. This series brought back fond memories when I would go out and shoot for the sake of shooting. No agendas, no priorities, other than take photos that interested me.

I stopped the car on several occasions in the street to hop out and take a few exposures. I stopped the car and shot thru the windshield. When walking, it didn't matter if there was subject matter or not, I had an inkling to shoot something and I did.

The simplest of actions took to me to a place where I got immense enjoyment.

...another from Sunday...

Music | Homebase by dZihan & Kamien

another from Sunday morning...

From Sunday Morning...

Music | Protection by Massive Attack

December 23, 2007

Night to Light...

Music | Berimbau For Mr. Low by The Supplicants

Sunday morning, early, very early. The the light outside is like midnight. The rain is at a steady drizzle and the sun won't compete with the darkness for another 3 hours. I get out of bed knowing I won't fall back to sleep. I've had some work to do, which I try and start, but I've 4 or 5 other things I need to do before I get to work. I don't want to work. I've got another hour before the sunrise and I decide to get my camera and get out. The rain still drizzles, the darkness still covers. I've got an idea where I want to shoot, but on the way, I start to see again. With the lack of light, the dearth of life outside, I've many stops, here and there to grab a shot, almost steal them because I expect on rushing cars to honk and warn me of idiocy. I eventually get to my destination, but now think I'd rather be where I was. As the light of day pushes forth, so do people, cars, noise... I grab a few more photos, no longer stealing them, but taking them, but without interest I had before the streets are taken away from me. I've been creative in the last hour and a half then I have for most of December. It's a good morning...

December 22, 2007

Count Down...

Music | 5 55 by Charlotte Gainsbourg

Not much posting going on because I'm prepping for Transparent Truth. I'm collecting ideas and saving them because I am gravely concerned about keeping up with the photo a week schedule. As the time nears for the launch, I'm noticing my stress level rising. Besides a lot of difficult transitions I've been having to deal with the last 1/4 of this year, for me to get to anything has been of trial and tribulations. The idea of Transparent Truth was a nice side track that was positive. But again, the time to launch nears and now I'm stressing...

Photos will be forthcoming, I promiss!

December 11, 2007

Transparent Truth

Music | Call me When You Get This by Corinne Bailey Rae

2008 brings on a project that began in early October. Randy Kepple from Vancouver, a bloke from Australia named Rod Jewell and myself are photographers with unusually similar backgrounds. We also have similar feelings that there has been a part of photography that has been missing for many years, although we do this for a living. This project launches in January and will require each of us to strive and push each other to find that missing element of what brought us to photography in the first place.

Since the launch time is near, we're starting to scramble to get the loose ends tied up. One of the big projects within The Project is to come up with some sort of identity, logo, something that defines what the site will be about. I had this vision in my head, which I can't execute in Photoshop, or thru drawings... This is the closest thing I came up with...

Things will start to make sense when the site launches. I'm just working ideas...

December 04, 2007

My Latest Lust...

Music | All Love Can Be by Chrlotte Church

Just found this on the internet...

Aluminum, carbon fibre composites and maple wood.


November 29, 2007


Music | The Heart of the Matter by India Arie

So lately, the subject of silver based photographs have been crossing my path in conversation, emails and content of some forums I frequent.

M Tucker wrote... "A few days ago, when I was moving the box, I opened it, just to peek at the prints. Here we are, almost 26 years later, and the fiber prints still glowed with as much luminance as they did the day I made them."

And today I was writing to some friends about my recent experience with fiber silver prints...

"...On another note, I picked up some framed photos from my ex, that were displayed in her shop - must be a total of 6 to 8 pieces. Anyway, the 2 that I picked up the other day was from a shoot of my father's hands I did around 20 years ago. He worked in the factories, repairing these huge machines that made springs and such. Every time a machine broke down, he would be on it. Every time a machine needed to be changed out to make a different spec of spring, he changed out the pieces. Over the many years he worked on the machines, his hands hold in it, the history of the grudgingly difficult work. After cleaning off the glass and frame, I finally stopped and really looked into the photo. The history, the sweat and toil, it is all there captured (and I hate to use that term) on silver. There is yet still an elegance and brilliance, almost gem like quality to the photo itself.

I won't be going back to the darkroom anytime in the near future. But right in front of me, all these years the quality and artistry that my inner artist has been looking for and to achieve has been inside me. I'll be working on bringing it out for 2008.

November 25, 2007

The Climbing Queen...

Music | Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

D has been climbing since March of this year. She has managed to reach the top of each and every climb, which numbers somewhere in the 40's. She decided to climb a wall that is meant for advanced climbers only. As you can see, there are only depressions on that wall and no protrusions, like the ones to the right in the photo. To my amazement, to the top, again she went...

November 17, 2007

Music | More Shine by Si Se

I was reminded of a photograph I took of a good friend, GG. I can't believe I never posted this one before. It must have been shot in 2006 when I did a few series of her.

November 13, 2007

On writing...

Music | Senimientos by Andres Linetzky and Ernesto Romero

I've got so much to say, but my mind is pre-occupied... I've been this way for the past few days. I've been doing more writing than ususual... It's nice to have something to say and feel that it could last for a very long time. Pen on paper... I've written some great things (if I do say so myself) and a lot of crap, mostly on the internet. And with the exception of what I've written on this blog, most of it is gone... Maybe someday someone will retrieve some of the things I've written and be affected by it, good or bad. It is funny how that seems to satisfy me. I do regret not writing more via pen and paper.

I've written to my daughter, cause the things I have to say are important. I've written for the hell of it, cause it makes me feel better. I even wrote to a stranger, hoping that we'll have a drink.

November 09, 2007

More Gifts...

Music | Fall into You by Soulstice


I'm working on an edit and just processed this image. Right out of the camera and run thru acr only...

I'm getting better at this!


Music | Subterra by Saru

When images come to you, you take them.


Music | Trigger Hippie by Morcheeba

I'm sure you've noted the music above... it is what I am listening to whenever I start to write in my blog...

Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music

I love this site. It's one of my most favorite of all time because it always keeps giving. I have found more new artists and amazing music since I've been listening to Pandora than anywhere else and in any time of my life.

Recent new artists include, Imogen Heap, Tina Dico, Natalie Walker (specifically, Circles). Kate Havnevik, Joss Stone and music from familiar names but songs I've never heard.

Set up is really easy and you'll thank me for it if you've not done so all ready. Send me some of your favorite stations you've created!

November 05, 2007

The Safety Matrix

Music | Teardrop by Massive Attack, featuring Liz Fraser

The Safety Matrix

This concept also works as for artist as well. I've written about this before, about being comfortable and not putting myself in position of risk. We all need to kick back and relax, enjoy life as it is, but I also think we need to step out of our comfort zones and push ourselves outside of our own heads. Feelings of uncertainty opens doors to new solutions to the creative process.

October 31, 2007


Music | Life on Mars? by Seu Jorge

I met Arri 2 nights before I asked her to sit for me. She has a face that can change from pose to pose. I saw Claudia Schiffer, Drew Barrymore and Blondie all in the same evening. The great thing about her was that she was so willing to let go and lose herself during the session. I also try and do the same. My goal is to get lost and find my way back. Similar to my last shoot, I had trouble how I was going to light Arri. Though methodical, I ended up positioning my main source that logically looked haphazard. I really love the run off of light from light to dark. How sensual can blackness be?

October 30, 2007


Music | Spring Vibes by Echophlekz

What influences you? If you were a movie, a director, a writer, a country, who or where would they be? I've noticed I have a lot a lot of loves, but they don't always affect my actions as an artist. If I were to create a piece using John Coltrane's, A Love Supreme, what would it look like? I'm starting to ask myself these questions, but formeost, I've been wondering what has been influencing me, lately...

I've been looking at a lot of photography coming out of Eastern Europe, mostly from Poland. The theme coming from there wreaks of imperfection, decadence, raw, but very sensual.

I did a shoot a few weeks ago. I brought my studio lights, and used them for 3/4 of the time I was there. I knew I wasn't getting the light I wanted. I turned them off and just went with the floor lamp bouncing off the ceiling. A little reflector here and there and I got the essence of what I was after...


Music | Build a Fire by Lida Husik

evolution – 1. any process of formation or growth; development

In preparing for a future ongoing project, which I'll divulge as the time to launch nears, I thought it would behoove me to get my personal work going again. In the midst of my commissions from over the summer and into the fall, I hadn't been producing anything for myself. Photography to fill the soul is important to me and I've been thru periods before where years would go by and I had done nothing for myself. I've been in the fortunate position of having quite a few profound discussions regarding art, life and the process of synthesizing the 2.

It hasn't been until relative recent times that I was comfortable enough to entitle myself an artist. Well now I have made some commitments to produce work that is me. From my heart and soul, my desires, dreams and yearning...

As I said, I've got a future ongoing project coming up and I have big shoes to fill. I've started shooting a series, of which I'll be posting soon. I'm excited about the new direction of commitment.

October 14, 2007

Because Kilts are Bad Ass!

Music | Hundred by The Fray

October 08, 2007

Bonding with Plastic

Music | See the Sun by Dido

What costs $25, is made of 98% plastic and isn't ready to use brand new out of the box? Around the world, there is a cult following that takes pleasure in all of its flaws. You cannot predict in advance, no matter how much you plan and strategize the outcome of your endeavor when you use it.

The Holga camera is far from being a precision instrument. The viewfinder is an approximation of what you might get. There is but 2 shutter speeds and 1 aperture setting. The film chamber leaks of light, unless you tape the seams with black tape. Even the lense is made of plastic. When holding the camera in your hands, the pebble grain finish gives you the sense that you are in fact holding a cheap, Chinese made plastic toy.

I woke up a little early today, to start my routine. There was anticipation in the air as I was going to buy another Holga camera. Since seeing the results of my last Holga that I gave away, I looked forward to getting another. On the heels of needing to come up with some sort of creative jump start, I realized the Holga was going to be my new path.

The idea of using this camera goes beyond going back to basics. But I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with the Holga. I've decided to forage into the next 3 months and shooting with this camera to see what I can come up with. I've got projects all ready in mind that I hope to start very soon.

October 05, 2007

Roger Bannister

Music | Only Dancing by Flamingo Star

"Once you demonstrate that the jar actually doesn't have a lid on it, people start jumping out left and right."

as found on Seth's Blog

October 03, 2007


Music | Moment to Moment by Eric Alexander

an email to a fellow confidant...

So I stopped by my café this morning to get a latté on my way home from driving Dara to school. The owner had brought up a conversation we had when I first met her and how I came to find the café in the first place. I was telling her a client of mine brought up their blog, which opted me to stop in. I remember telling her a client of mine and for some reason, that stuck in my head. I had thought if she had asked, I was going to say that I am a Wedding Photographer. Then, shortly after that thought, it bugged the hell out of me that Wedding Photographer was the first thing that came to my mind. It really bothered me!!! I guess I still have the stigma and negative attitude towards, Wedding Photographer, in the back of my mind. I know and realize that I have been entrenched in weddings for the past 4 months, but what happened to the title of, Photographer?

I know and realize the term, Photographer is used VERY loosely these days. But what has happened where my first response to the question, "What do you do?", comes, "I shoot weddings..." After a brief meeting with my cerebellum, I am first and foremost an Artist, and Photographer. I take those titles as a badge of honor. I've worked my ass off to gain those titles and did not accept those titles until my early 30's. I used to say I work in Photography or I am a Photographer's Assistant... And the title of artist has come much more recently.

I guess I have to work more so as an Artist and Photographer to make that the first choice that comes to my brain...

October 02, 2007

even more, Old School...

Music | My Foolish Heart by Lin Halliday

My buddy Randy Kepple and I go back almost as long as I have lived in Portland. Our backgrounds for photography are amazingly similar in how we came up thru the ranks and it shows in our appreciation for the finer points of photography. We are similar in age also, so we often have the same view on how photography has changed and how we talk like old veterans and how things used to be.

I took him to Blue Moon Camera a shop where the entire store is dedicated to the use of mechanical film cameras. 8x10, 4x5, Nikons from the 60's, to cameras where the film format has long been forgotten can be had. The real beauty of this place is that it brings back memories from my childhood. I saw a camera similar to what my Dad used to use when I was around 5. These pieces of history still work and show mechanical ingenious, often no longer found these days.

Randy was particularly interested in a beautiful German made medium format camera. The familiar scent of the leather used at the time was like smelling what it must have been like when that camera was made. It is familiar and we know it well. Our appreciation for this tool was apparent. And the thought of resurrecting the old camera I know was tickling in his mind.

I found that all these years, I've lived within a few miles of this great resource that actually has 8x10 film and they also process 8x10 film. This is fantastic news to me as I thought 8x10 film was very difficult to get. I now know I have this option to use my old Century Camera with Kodak lens. Cost will only get more prohibitive, but I hope to at least one more time, shoot with a piece of history.

October 01, 2007

Old School Revisited, again...

Music | Sweet Thing by Chaka Khan

I was working an event over the weekend where the music was fantastic. I didn't have time during the beginning to hang out and talk with the DJ, but I quickly noticed he was actually spinning vinyl! 2 turn tables and a mixer, though he also had an ipod as well. Like the photography world, DJs are going thru their own transition of leaving behind the analog world. It was so refreshing to see a DJ with crates of records, LPs, vinyl, whatever you want to call them. Watching him do his thing, not only playing music to the crowd, but pulling out the records from the sleeves and mixing the beat from the old song to the new and occasionally even some scratching! (wiki wiki wiki!) And unlike the drones that bring their big amps and speakers with a computer or even just an ipod, this guy obviously had skill. Not just anyone could go back to his booth and do what he was doing.

Though digital has made things a lot easier for people to do a lot more things, there is a point where the pro proceeds to move forward, and leaves behind the hobbiest, wannabee, amateur. Has it come to where only the connoisseur notices the difference in ability and quality and expects, great expectations?

September 28, 2007


Music | You Again by Kate Havenevik

I love my kid so much! I had mentioned more than once that all of the regrets I had in my life before the birth of my child I could easily live with knowing that particular path led her to me. She has brought so much joy, not only to me, but many people she knows and happens to meet. She is an amazing kid with huge amounts of creativity, compassion and love.

Friday afternoons she only has school for half the day. Often, we go on field trips which can cover bike rides, photo excursions where we both shoot, or like today, a trip to the museum. We spent some time out where a huge submarine is docked, hanging out resting from the hours we spent in the museum. She of course could have stayed longer, I was wiped out...

September 27, 2007

When Things Work...

Music | Daughter by Vienna Teng

I had just come back from 2 days of camping with my daughter and her classmates. I wasn't taking a lot of photos, but I did want to photograph the kids and document some of the goings on. I took over 100 images I was looking forward to editing, but when I pulled the card to view the images that I had clearly seen on the camera lcd, there was nothing to view at the computer. This is what constitutes a nightmare for a photographer, especially when there are big jobs coming up within the next few days.

I love the internet! I posted my situation on a forum where photographers gather and hoped to find a solution. I wasn't giving much hope to my dilemma, but fortunately did not re-format that card. Within the hour, one of the members suggested trying Klix. He spoke highly of the product and I was able to download the software for a trial run. The recovery of my corrupted card worked 100%. I was able to retrieve every image after purchasing this saving program.

I'm writing about this product at 1 a.m. because it isn't often a product just works like it says it will. Especially under some dire stress! I had all but given up hope of ever seeing these images, but within minutes, I got everything back and confirmation that my issues was not with the camera itself!

September 21, 2007

visions and vignettes...

Music | A Case of You by Diana Krall


The intriguing part is the imagery you bring up with your vague words,
and yet I'm taken in. The vignettes running thru the shadows of my
brain and I barely see the dark table in the corner that you speak of,
quietly talking about the things you wouldn't tell your best friend.
I'm hoping that the Bill Evans song on the juke box in the corner is
the longest song he has ever played because I kind of want this moment
to last...

Paris, Chicago... NY, Tokyo... There are tomorrows and more late
nights in dark booths, but something in this scene, on this evening is
wavering in my soul...

September 20, 2007

A New Discovery...

Music | Ode to Tip by Fred Anderson

When I lived in Chicago, a friend declared that if you could name a neighborhood, I could name a pizza place. Since moving to Portland, I've gotten to know a good amount of cafés, mostly in North Portland, a section of town that is shared with NE, NW, SE and SW Portland. I've lived in NOPO since moving here and have come to be quite comfortable. What was once considered the downtrodded part of the city, NOPO is upping its reputation.

Here is my latest discovery...

The Little Red Bike Café opened up a few weeks ago. Though I've driven past this little treasure, thru a friend of a friend, I decided to stop in. Their lattés are finessed with body, rich in flavor. A basic blue berry muffin satiated my yearnings for something a little sweet. The next day, I came back to test the waters to see if it could be another office away from my office, which didn't quite work out as the place is a bit small. But I got my latté again with a delicious almond croissant. I hear they serve amazing breakfasts over the weekend, which I hope to experience, soon!

September 18, 2007

Scent from the Past...

Music | In The Temple of Hadjarim by John Zorn

Coming up on a year, I wrote about What I Miss. Over the weekend, I had a commission I was working on. It was time to get one of the subjects out to a location for one of the shots. I went into the house to get her but became overwhelmed by a scent of my past. I immediately knew the fragrance of Oscar de la Renta. Long ago, I was with a woman who wore this perfume and I became so passionately in love with the bouquet (the woman didn't work out...), I bought a bottle for myself and just held onto it for decades!

When my subject came out, I just said to her, "Oscar de la Renta". She smiled and was astonished that I knew.

September 17, 2007

Beauty in a cliché...

Music | Six Underground by Sneaker Pimps

I know these shots have been done to death, another cliché in the land of blogs, but, I wanted to show how fantastic my latté came to me earlier today...

btw, this is an example of the basic 50 I talked about earlier. I love this combination!

Outside the Box

Music | Rain by Joey Fehrenback

Sometimes to literally step out of the box, you find interesting subject matter you would otherwise never find.

What is inside, what is outside, what is a reflection and what isn't? Some of the most amazing photos are given to you, but if you aren't open to them, you'll never see them...

State of Relaxation...

Music | Over Our Heads by Zero 7

I was just writing to a friend of mine that I'm in that rare state of being totally relaxed. It's nice to be here and know it because I can appreciate it all the more. I woke up and went thru my usual morning routine, with a work out at the fitness center added. My plan for the day was to edit down 2 commissions while getting out of the office and spend my late morning early afternoon at a café. Here I am listening to great music, having a beautiful latté with an almond croissant that is to die for. I just felt the need to write about this moment, documenting it for me to read later when I'm all stressed out over the inane.

September 07, 2007


Music | Eh Hee by Dave Matthews

For those of you who have iTunes, there is a free video of Dave Matthews latest. Simple in execution, but filled with ideas and concepts. Dare I say a Great Video!

One Observation, One Epiphany

Music | My Mirror by Tina Dico

As we get older, time seems to move faster towards the end. I've found a way to make time slow down... Get on an Eliptical Machine and set it for any amount of time. It will always seem much longer than what you think!

My observation is, There aren't too many things that feel better than anticipation, with the exception of the outcome, especially if it concludes the way you think it will.

September 04, 2007

Basic 50 II

Music | Father Father by Karma

When I write a post, I usually have itunes running or Pandora. My last 2 posts I've been listening to Pandora which is somewhat random. I find it interesting that as I started to write my last post, the name of the song was Daughter. As I started to prepare to write this post, the name of the song was Father Father. I must be running along with the music gods right now and I shall ride it for as long as they allow.

I was looking over more images I shot today. Since I have a child and not a kitten, I've shot hundreds of images of her, often testing this or that, or just because... I have to say I often get a winner out of each occasion I point the lens at her.

So here is another shot to ad to the basic series...

I'm really loving this combination of the 5D and 50mm lens. The more results I see, the more I'm sure I'll fall in love. The photo was shot at f:2.0 at 128th/sec. The fall off of focus is not created, but straight out of the camera. The mojo has landed!!!

Basic 50...

Music | Daughter by Vienna Teng

To begin my series of going back to the basics, I'm using my 50mm lens on a 5D. The beauty of this combination is that you can't get any more simple... one lense, the perspective that closest resembles what the eye sees. Also, it is extremely light and manageable to carry around, whip out and shoot in a moments notice.

My daughter was having a play date with her good friend in the park where I had to pick her up. I brought along the camera and actually slowed her down enough to get this shot.


Music | Pieces Of The Past (For Joseph H. Lewis) by Vandermark 5

I don't even know how long ago it was that I bought this plastic camera called a Holga. You can still buy these cameras for under $30 at most camera stores. They use 120 sized film and because of their "Low" fidelity qualities, the images are often dreamy. I think it was over 2 years ago that I finally bought some film for the camera to shoot. I was planning on shooting the 12 exposures in one late afternoon, but never got around to finishing the roll. So finally, I had good reason to pull that film out to process and see what I had taken. I only remember that I shot mostly in the Cathedral Park area near the St. John's Bridge. A friend's daughter is interested in photography and wanted an unusual camera to take with her while she went to school in Rome. I gladly offered mine as it was just sitting. Well, now that I have seen the fruits of my past labor, I want one again!!! Anyway, here are a few images from that session, 2 years ago...

All images scanned off 5x5 inch prints. No retouching has been done to any of the images...

September 02, 2007

Back to the Basics...

Music | Sentient Compassion by David S. Ware

"Old school, back to the basics, the way things used to be..." As I get older, I use these phrases often enough to realize that I use them often and to the point that I am writing about it now! I don't know what it is about age that pivots our direction back to the past and not so much to the future like when we were younger. Maybe we contemplate more as the world moves faster and faster. My Dad never told me about having to walk 20 miles barefoot, under oppressive heat in the summer and way below freezing and 5 feet of snow in the winter to walk to school everyday, then work 10 hours when he was 7. I don't think I preach, but I do certainly think a lot about making things simple again.

I'm having a difficult time focusing my attention to work on a personal project. I do have a lot of work that I need to catch up on and proceed with my work schedule. However, creativity feeds the mind and I'm not pursuing my personal vision, which at this time seems to have gotten lost.

To find it again, I'm going back to the basics... One camera, one lense, a prime lense, a 35 or 50mm lense. I'm going to shoot portraits, objects, urban decay, industrial abstracts, anything that catches my fancy. I've been doing pretty well lately of setting a plan and sticking to it.

I've been talking to a fellow photographer about shooting more, personal photographs, photos that we take for ourselves, things that have meaning to ME! I'm going Old School like in the days when I was in college. I've written about shooting for the joy of it before, walking the streets, stopping on the side of some back road, discovering art in the most inane places. I look back on images I've done, even within that last 2 years, not so, "The way Things used to be" times. This is recent as well as way back. I look at those images and I get to feel like I was creating again, being a part and capturing life for no other reason other than I felt like hitting the shutter at that very moment to capture a scene within my little view finder.

End Music | Corridors and Parallels by David S. Ware

September 01, 2007

Brother and Sister

Music | I Like It by Moby

August 28, 2007

Finding the Light... in the strangest of places...

Music | Ode to Tip by Fred Anderson

Today I had an assignment to shoot some portraits. The home I shot in had fantastic light, especially upstairs where the bedrooms were. The main shoot was to take place in one of the empty bedrooms where I had some props set up. While getting acquainted with one of my subjects, I made a strange request to shoot in the bathroom of the first floor. This is why...

Looking at Angels...

Music | Spirit Lullaby by Sweet Honey in the Rock

A Place I'd Love to Go!

August 27, 2007

Beauty is a Rare Thing

Music | Beauty is a Rare Thing by Ornette Coleman

Years ago, I was working an event with Randy Kepple where there were so many amazing and interesting faces, that we decided to hone in and isolate them in our photos. It was a great exercise in study and patience.

Today, during a lull in the event I was shooting, I was able to observe a face as the light danced across it as she moved. Briefly, I got caught up in the beauty of the moment, but was able to pull myself together and photograph her...

I get chills looking at stills from movies I love. The cinematic feel often translates to images in my imagination. Still but moving, having before and after moments that we can only imagine. If you've read any of Haruki Murakami you will have seen this face before, and in your head, you will have created a story.

August 24, 2007


Music | Mohawk by Charlie Parker

I'm turning into a little flower-boy...

August 23, 2007

A New Day

Music | Gospel Train (Orchestra) by Tom Waits

I'm not proud to admit I am in the worst shape of my life. Being sedentary in front of a computer has wreaked havoc on my physical and mental well being. I've known that for sometime and did nothing about it. Nothing about it until yesterday... I joined a local fitness club and was given my introduction/orientation this afternoon. I had no idea that I was going to be lifting weights, and getting as many crunches as I could on this particular visit. I spoke with a personal trainer who was testing me for a baseline as to where I would start with all of the various machines. I decided I wanted to tone, shape and define, whats left to save of this middle aged body.

I've committed to make my business as a photographer work 3 years ago and my payoff has responded this year. Now, I'm committing to myself to be a healthier person to live a healthier life.

Step one...

August 20, 2007

Beauty in Symmetry

Music | Rain by Joey Fehrenbach

I've edited, processed and now putting the finishing touches on one of my commissions. This image threw itself at me and I immediately fell in love with it...

August 19, 2007

Happy in Chicago

Music | Better by Regina Spektor

I got to go back to the midwest to visit family and friends. I have to say that this trip make me miss Chicago in such a way that I wouldn't mind being back there. I have so many good friends and family nearby. It is tough being out west where my nearest family member is over 2000 miles away...

My previous visits back "home" didn't leave me with much desire to go back. My City was Gone. There stood another city that I couldn't much recognize and I felt I couldn't relate to in the same way as my past.

I'm still not sure what changed and made me feel differently about the city I grew up in. I guess time has a way of changing things and then change them again. I'm all ready looking forward to another visit...

August 06, 2007


Music | Love Lament by Abbey Lincoln

After having just seen the chase seen in the movie Bullitt, I wanna drive my car really fast...

August 02, 2007

Laying Down the Foundation

Music | Sweet Thing by Chaka Khan

Erio Mishima Photographié began in the fall of 2004 and enacted in 2005. The decision to start this new business was difficult for many reasons, but mostly because a large part of my life would have to be left at the side of the road as I try and move forward.

This year, 2007 has been fruitful. Thru sheer luck, a few early snap decisions, great people that I've networked with have culminated in a business that has kept me busy like I have not known for a long time.

This is all new territory and to make a business grow is not without many fears. I'm all ready thinking about 2008 and how I can try to ensure at least the same amount of business as this year. One thing I've never done is to spend money on advertising. My deadlines for 2 venues that I've decided upon was within a day. I did have the forethought to hire a copywriter. Angel Menchaca of Serif Design came thru with a brilliant piece of writing to help me with my ad in My Portland Wedding which can be seen here.
The same copy will also be published along with some of my photography in The 2008 edition of Oregon Bride Wedding Guide.

As Erio Mishima Photographié continues to grow, I'm looking forward to the new challenges that I become faced with. I want the foundation to be strong, so I won't have regrets in the future.

July 29, 2007

Just a pretty face...

Music Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

I haven't been posting much, cause I've been working a lot. However, I've decided I can always post a photo or 2 from jobs and commissions I'm working on. So I'll be posting favorites more often.

To start off, here is Analaise just after we met...

Robot Boy

Come Here Boy by Imogen Heap

July 26, 2007


Music | Blues Connotation by Ornette Coleman

Sometimes I really love the internet. As cold and distant it can be, on rare occasions it brings together the world in ways no one would have ever imagined. I was thinking this as I was signing off on correspondence with my Japanese name to a black woman who lives in Atlanta. She had spent a few years in Yokohama working as a musician and fell in love with the Japanese culture. I was reminiscing about a Jazz bar in Yokohama called the Minton House. I found those photos and it brought me back to when I was there. Late evening with my 2 cousins, a girl who had a huge crush on me, music to the likes of John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Miles Davis, beer and edemame...

One really has to think how all things are really connected...

July 11, 2007


Music | Without Anything to Numb You by Sia Furler

I've often leaned upon those closest to me for support. In times of vulnerability, we seek those with like minds to fend off our demons. Having support to know (or think) we are going in the right direction is important.

I'm going thru one of the busiest times for my business right now, ever. You'd think I'd have my master plan in place where everything is running on automatic. HA! Far from that charming thought, I'm moving along at a decent pace, but with trepidations I need to work out.

The number of files I'll be processing in the next 4 to 5 months is staggering, to me at least. And in trying to put my signature on each and every image I am finding is going to be the biggest challenge. I want to keep fresh and grow, yet keep my vision my own. I've refused to visit forums I used to frequent, mostly because I felt I had to keep up with the Jones' and jump on the bandwagon of the latest coolest software. I'm certainly much more open to my own thoughts, but with that comes my doubts.

I've confided with a few of my closest associates in the business on various topics where I feel I'm not stable and frankly, I'm not hearing what I thought I wanted to hear. I'm feeling more in a quandary than I ever have. This isn't the time to be feeling this way. I think however that I have to hop out of the nest and just do what I do. If it feels good, do it. I've accumulated enough knowledge to step off.

more later... my head hurts.

July 02, 2007

More Homage...

Music | Urban Angel by Natalie Walker

I remember as a kid my Dad would always keep the car nice and clean. We'd go out for a drive around town for some ice cream or to visit some relatives on Sundays. It was the day he had off to do whatever he wanted to do and usually, it meant going somewhere in the car.

I can remember every car he had since I was born...
1957 Chevy 4 door Bel Air
1962 Chevy Impala
1966 Chevy Caprice (the nicest car - my Dad let me drive when I was a kid. It ended up getting stolen...)
1969 Chevy Camero
1972 Chevy Nova
1975 Chevy Malibu
1980 Chevy Citation (which eventually became my car... ewwwww)
1985 Honda Accord
1986 Oldsmobile
1992 Pontiac Bonneville
1999 Toyota Camry (which he still drives today)

The Bird...

Music | The Chill of October by Client

As I was cropping this image, this song came on and I thought how appropriate... It's a sad photograph, but like the character in American Beauty, I found beauty in it.

Numbers Game...

Music | Durian by The Cinematic Orchestra

My busy season officially began as of last Friday. First, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding and an engagement session the following days jump started me into the frenzy that won't end until October.

With the exception of the rehearsal dinner, my file count seems to have gone up from previous events. Actually, I was wearing my final shot count for an event as a badge of honor. I know of photographers that would shoot in excess of 2000 to 3000 photos for a wedding. My numbers were always anywhere between 400 to 700. My view was that I'd wait for the moment and get what I needed as opposed to grabbing at a sequence and hope "the shot" was in there.

Of the weddings that I have shot this year, my average numbers have been noticeably, up. My count has been consistent at around the 900 area. I don't know what it means, I may never know. It's a phenomenon, just like the question I posed to myself about colour photos vs Black and White I talked about earlier. Is it growth, maturity, or just the changing nature of taking LOTS of photographs...?

June 22, 2007

This is the way I like to roll...

Music | All the Things You Are by Charles Mingus

Back in the late 90's, I had a 1985 Volkswagen Jetta GLi. I did little things to it to make the driving experience more personal. It was an amazingly fun car to drive. I kept that car thru to 2002 and went thru an Acura, Audi and most recently a Volvo. Today, I purchased another Jetta. A GLX with a VR6 engine, all ready lowered with nice BBS wheels, black leather interior and clean as a whistle. The car is 12 years old, but you'd never know it. Photos usually make cars look better than they really are, but I have to say, this photos is very representative to how the car looks...

This evening, my daughter and I went on a "fun" excursion. We did zero to 60, back to zero as fast as we could. We took on and off ramps about 30 to 40 mph faster than we were supposed to. We screached the wheels upon take offs as the g forces thru left and right hand turns slammed us on either side of our seats.

Driving is fun again. I noticed I was driving with a big smile on my face. I'm suprised i didn't wave to everyone, just because I was so happy.

June 21, 2007

Time is Money...

Music | Cherryco by John Coltrane and Don Cherry

Watches I won't be getting in the near future...

June 15, 2007

Falling into Place...

Music | Time by Nina Simone

I had this sitting back in March. After some busy weeks with other commissions, I'm finally getting around to getting some personal images printed. I'm really looking forward to having this one large and framed.

June 14, 2007

growing up...

Music | Flicks by Frou Frou

There are moments when I get hit upside the head about things that are obvious. I don't need any reminders that I am a father to a fantastic kid. More fantastic in fact than I will probably ever know.

Today, at 9 a.m. began Dara's class event, a celebratory graduation of sorts. She was the last person to be honored. I'm standing at the back, looking on with my point and shoot. I snap off a few frames but got really emotional. As she stood there in front of the class, next to her teacher with her graduation cap on, I'm hearing all the great things she has accomplished and generally what a great person she is. What came over me was was a sensation that this is my daughter up there, learning, achieving and growing into her own person. I'm sad and happy at the same time. Happy and proud for her as she grows up, and sad for the same reason.

June 13, 2007

?? Columbus, IN ??

Music | Breathe Me by Sia Furler

I have to admit, my thoughts of the East Coast and the Midwest have been rampant in my head lately. I know You can never go back home. Though my yearly visit to Chicago are always enjoyable, I agree with that saying. However, there are parts of being closer to the other coast that I really miss. History, architecture and maybe the soul of being a midwesterner keeps the thought strong in my head.

I came across an article in the NY Times, Columbus Indiana. I think I have yet another reason to go back to the Midwest. Who would have figured a little town of 39,000 holding buildings created by I.M. Pei and Kevin Roche?

I've been trying to define what it is about the midwest that holds strong in my head. Of course, when I was there, I kept thinking what a po-dunk place to be, but now I think differently. And then there is my love affair with the East Coast, Maine down to NYC, places where I've visited and felt very at home.

People travel to warm places in the winter and cool places in the summer. I travel to the east whenever I can...

June 01, 2007

Friday Morning at the Café...

I come here now and then, often seeing attractive women, sitting, chatting, reading. What struck me initially about this one woman was her demure nature.

Then... then... then, she crosses her right leg over her left, exposing her inner thigh under her pink and yellow skirt. She is pointing her left knee just to my right, so I have this lovely view. She wears sensible sandals standing on the balls of her feet, strutting her amazing calf muscle.

She types away at her computer, pausing now and then to think. She now sits flat footed, straddling the chair, pushing down her skirt between, very lady like in such an un-lady like stance. But I can still appreciate the view.

She sits in the corner of the cafe, along the front where the large paned glass sits, beyond and to my left. The sun reaches thru the trees outside and finds its way to dance on her head, exposing highlights in her dark brown hair. Still every now and then as she sits, she raises to the balls of her feet, again exposing those great calves. Her knees move in and out, raising and lowering the height of her skirt.

I wonder what she is typing on her computer. Judging from my view, I have an idea...

May 25, 2007

Stepping out of the comfort zone...

Music | Rock Me Baby... by Gretchen

Note the time... I just returned from a night of poetry and music and a visual delight of people who came to attend Poetic Nights at the OHM Nightclub in Old Town. I've got Gretchen in my head singing "Rock me baby... Rock me all night long..." She is a little petite women dressed in a very conservative beige skirt and jacket that one would never think had this amazing sensual voice. She literally transformed into a sex kitten as she let out her song and fighting to unbutton her jacket.

Quite a few poets came out, 3 that had words that hit me up side the head. I had talked about stepping out of my comfort zone earlier, and tonite was a prime opportunity for me to do so. As one of the first poets that left a heavy impression on me read, I thought about my new series of photographs. "Portland Poets" was born. There was still the issue of introducing myself and talking with my possible future subjects. But with my cards in hand, I was surprised how easy I was able to talk with them. All 3 seemed genuinely interested, so in the next few weeks, we'll see if this starts to happen.

The evening went on with a great local band finishing up the night for me. I got to meet finally a woman that I had spoken with and communicated via the internet for a photo shoot. She is an amazing singer that joined the band for a song.

I'm riding home, thinking what a great night I had. Now I'm cruising along empty streets, traffic lights turning green as I approach the last turn before I can park my bike. Suddenly, a mere 4 blocks from my home, a car is blasting thru the intersection, apparently not seeing me as I am going thru the same intersection. Fortunately, I'm in a gear where I flipped the throttle, accelerated hard, slide over to my left as the car misses me by 5 feet.

I'm not as shocked as I thought I should be. I could have been T-boned by a fast moving car. For a moment, I heard in my head the collision. My night ended to reinforce me that stepping out of my comfort zone isn't as bad as being dead. I imagine things will come easier now.

May 23, 2007

ha ha ha, but then again...

Music | Polvere di Gesso by Gianmaria Testa

May 22, 2007

Ch ch ch ch Changes...

Music | Castles Made of Sand by Jimi Hendrix

Lately, I've been processing my photos as colour and liking it. The last 2 big events I have shot, I didn't process out any black and white images, like I do the majority of the time. I'm not sure why this shift has taken place. I'm confused by the turn.

More stranger than fiction, at least for me is a process called cross processing. Back in the film days, for effect, photographers would develope their colour film in slide film chemistry and vice-versa. I've never pursued this technique because I always thought of it as an ineffective cover for bad photography.

Now here I am, shooting more colour than normal and showing you an image which I really like that has the cross process technique, in digital form. Where am I going from here?

May 19, 2007

Rohner Letterpress

Music | If You Want Me to Stay by Sly & the Family Stone

And now I have to meet the timeless elegance of my new business cards in everything I do...

It isn't just the way it looks, it is the way it feels. The weight, the subtle oh so very subtle texture, the indent of where the fonts and logo have been pressed... There is nothing like letter press printing.

The March of Time...

Music | Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire

My nephew is 29 years old and got married! Daaaa-yummmmm!!!

May 17, 2007

It's Time...

Music | The Walk by Imogen Heap

Late last night, I headed out to a bar, lots of drinks, lots of smoke and interesting conversations. I went intending to write down streams of thought, for inspiration, ideas, and plans. Over the last few months, I've come to realize I've been stagnant - as a photographer, artist and even as a person. I haven't challenged myself into creating or doing something new. Not to say the jobs I have had have not been challenging, but I've been solving problems that may have arisen in the same way I have been. I'm not into falling and getting comfortable into formulaic solutions. But in the back of my head, I know I haven't done anything to stir up some mojo.

During my stream of thought writing, on my over sized index cards, I wrote...
"Step up and move into the next level. It is time. Venture out and embrace the unknown."

Shortly there after, I had a brief conversation with a gentleman sitting next to me. He asked how my writing was going. I told him I was trying to stir up inspirations, come up with ideas for execution. "Execution!!!" he said. "Isn't that a wonderful word? Often difficult to achieve, but once put into action, almost always there is a result of change, mostly towards the positive."

I thought for a moment I was having a conversation with a wise man who spoke his words to me out of the blue, then said goodbye and left.

So I've got ideas in my head, inspirations conjuring. My plan is to do something that will put me in a higher plane, a level I haven't reached ever, or at least in a very long time. It is time...

May 13, 2007

Quiet Before the Storm

Music | Ballad for Old Souls by Muhal Richard Abrams

It is nice to have social obligations now and then. Lately, I've been attending gatherings, events, meetings and such. Much more the usual for me, especially at this time of the year.

My work load is light, but seems heavy with the happenings going on. I have managed to work up jobs that have come thru, only because I've been more diligent and particularly focused. I've got a work load coming up in few months that I have not seen the likes of. I'm confident I can manage thru it, but at that time, I'll be going thru some new software explorations that will also be necessary for me to get thru my work flow. Why not push the learning curve up front to now, you ask. That would be the easy way out... besides, I need to have the pressure of job situations for me to get motivated.

I am quite excited to have one of the busiest summers as far as I can remember. Lots of challenges and the new experiences of growth. It is gonna be a great year!

May 03, 2007

Glad to be Home...

Music | Why Georgia by John Mayer

8 days, 4 cities, over 4000 miles in the air, 1300 on the road, 3 time zones. A 12 hour work day where 95% of that time was on my feet with a heavy camera in my hand, a over 40 person portrait session as it begins to rain, a pair of road trips, to and from totaling over 20 hours on my ass in the drivers side of the car, far too less amount of hours sleeping... I've been on adrenalin until today where I have no commitments to anyone and I begin to crash...

April 24, 2007

On the Road Again

Another early morning at the airport... I tend to travel in the early morning when departing for a destination and returning home later in the evening. I got no sleep due to a dog that wouldn't go to sleep and the 3 nocturnal cats in the house I stayed in, just to get a ride to the airport...

I love the airport in early morning, when the terminal is stagnate, quiet and almost serene. The new ambient light of the morning crosses paths with the internal light making everything surreal.

I've been here for an hour now and now the place is buzzing. People chatting, people reading, sleeping and waiting in line. I'm at the window, half sleeping, the other half still not in reality. I can't wait to get in the plane to nap...

April 18, 2007

Interview with Dara

Music | Black Women (For Beatrice Anderson and Amelia Drake) by Fred Anderson and Hamid Drake.

Dara's Climb

Music | Lousiana Strut by Fred Anderson

April 11, 2007

Kung Fu Hustle and the Little Cussing Girl

Music | Infinite Eyes by Keb Mo

So I got the chance to see Kung Fu Hustle the other day and really enjoyed it. The story line is one of fairy tales and I thought with the exception to some of the violence, my daughter would really like it. The fighting scenes are quite incredible, but some of the cartoonish effects are effective as well. We started to watch the first part of the movie (the kill for the sake of killing edited...) Since the movie is subtitled, I was doing the dialog for my daughter as the movie went along. She has been reading well, but I didn't think she would be able to keep up. Early in the movie, I'm laughing to myself because I'm obviously editing the strong language as I read. But my kid goes, "OH my gosh, he told that other guy to, 'Piss Off!'" She said it rather nonchalantly and if I didn't react with shock and laughter, it would have passed. But to see a little girl say, "Piss Off!" is one of the most funny things I have ever seen.

April 07, 2007

and sometimes you just go...

Music | Any Other Name by Thomas Newman off the Soundtrack of American Beauty

I put on a ride call earlier in the week to see if anyone would come out and take a short but scenic ride with me today. I called it off early afternoon because of the constant rain and what appeared to be never ending rain clouds. No sooner than 15 minutes after calling off the ride, the clouds parted and the sun came out...

Shortly after, I looked outside and out the the west, heavy dark clouds loomed again. But, it wasn't raining out NOW, so I decided I would take my chances and ride. I stopped off at the meeting place I had originally announced, thinking there was some fool to come out with me, but no fools.

Again, over the bridge and into the Tualitan Mountains... and like clockwork, I'm feeling good. This ride I take, doesn't last for more than a 1/2 hour, but it is proven therapy for me...

-- --