July 28, 2014

Stepping Back In...

Music | Freedom by World Saxophone Quartet

And slowly, after a flurry of wonderful events that have happened even weeks before the opening of my exhibition at Sesso and thru the rest of June and into July, my ride has slowed to where I can put my feet on the ground. I don't mind feeling a little bit left of center, I actually prefer it. It is my normal and where I like to be. So, now that I have "landed", I'm feeling the urge to shoot again.

I think the adage of, "With age comes wisdom" is somewhat true. I innately knew I needed to step off and let myself catch up. Along with my highs, especially emotionally, I had to deal with my demons. They come out as I come down from being out of my stratosphere. Reality sets in and slaps me awake as if I were in a dream state.

I think my circle has put me back to my creative space. My desire to get behind the camera is growing. Ideas are once again dancing in my head. It is nice to get back on the adventurous and familiar road.

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