September 30, 2008

Out of the Blue...

Music | Time and Space by The Cinematic Orchestra

I love what I do... In the midst of being where I am, where ever that might be, I'm not certain... I find an amazing face, attempt to make contact, a few emails back and forth and we meet at a café. I find that the face is even more amazing than the photos I've seen... we have a few common connections. A few days pass and here she sits in front of my camera.

Ameena sings, dances, writes, is very stylish with an East Coast lean.

Me Me Me

Music | God Bless by Lamb

Perusing Ray Bidegain's site again, I found another photo of myself. I was honored to be a part of his show he had at the Camerawork Gallery. With a bit of self indulgence in the back of my mind, I told Ray he over priced the portrait he did of me...

This was the 2nd shot of 2 plates...

the first can be seen here.

Coming Home...

Music | Flashback by Fred Anderson

The new beginning starts a little earlier than anticipated. I found an amazing face last week and will be shooting her tomorrow (actually, later today). I had decided since she sings, dances and writes, she belongs in my slowly growing artists series that I pushed earlier this year. So along with the 5D and 100 f:2, I'll be shooting some 4x5 film, which I need to have on hand to start to process film here at my darkroom-less home. I've accumulated pretty much everything I need to do so, so having film to actually practice on will be good.

I was reading on a forum how one photographer noticed that all the images he had framed and presented on the walls of his studio had all been photographed with film, processed and printed with his own hands. He knew he had taken photographs just as inspiring with his digital camera, printed with his ink jet printer, but thought that maybe because he worked, sweated and toiled with his analog techniques, those images to him were more about him than the digital counterpart.

Just before starting to write this entry, I was prepping for tomorrows shoot. I pulled out my film changing bag, loaded up some holders and felt a connection all ready to tomorrow. My hands are all ready in the process... I'm recognizing how much more involved I am for an event that is going to take place not for another 11 hours. I also know that after my shoot, I won't see results until I take the plunge and do what I haven't done in close to 10 years. Not just process film, but process 4x5 film which I've never done for myself. I hope I'm met with a warm welcome!

September 12, 2008


Music | The Rent by Steve Lacy

Rarely are there photos of myself I like... This year has been a good year!

I've been going out most Wednesday nights with a crew of other photographers to Jake's where we have been drinking and smoking for years - great food too... The other "gentlemen" smoke their robust cigars as I puff away on my petite clove cigarettes.

John Prutch captured me awhile back if I recall correctly with these 2 images he just sent me. What do you think, could I be shooting the shit with John Bukowski or Tom Waits?

September 09, 2008

Would I bore myself?

Music | Hello by Poe

I've known that I needed to get out and shoot again. I just have had no energy to pull anything together. However, late last week, the photo gods presented me with an opportunity to photograph an idea that I've been working on for the past 8 months, without much luck. With little advance notice, all of the elements for this shoot suddenly came together and I had a few days to prepare. In the back of my mind, I still had doubts this shoot was actually going to take place, so I was lax in my mental preparation.

I enjoy putting myself in uncertain situations and see what comes out of them. This was no exception. I've worked with one of the models before, but the lead in this photo was my elusive muse. And working with 2 models under these circumstances was also a stretch for me as I'd have to be director to 2, not just 1 as I'm accustomed to.

Watching others work is always interesting to me. I like to see how the artist goes about finding their vision. I've watched documentaries on Avedon, Annie, Wim Wenders... The interesting part is to see how they relate to their subjects and locations. I especially enjoy watching peers of mine work. I know these people and to see them work often brings about people I don't know. I like to think I am that way too. I wonder if I'd be interesting to myself...

September 06, 2008

A Camping Trip...

Music | For Your Own Benefit from the Soundtrack, The Hours

Heading out to the coast for camping has long been awaited. Apparently I promised my daughter to go camping this summer, last fall! She kindly reminded me and since we haven't done any over nighters together this summer, I obliged.

It is nice to know that our past trips have held memories that I didn't think she would remember. She wanted to make sure we stopped by the place where we had picnics in the past along a river where I taught her how to skip rocks. When she said that, I realized that her memories are all hers to pick and choose from. I am happy to be the facilitator...

Onto the camp ground, we found a nice area with trails to walk and ride our bikes. We could ride to the ocean and another nearby lake thru the woods. Seems like we just set up the tent when Dara wanted to start the fire and make smores... That was for the evening though. She did have a great time gathering firewood. It was an adventure for searching out "treasures!"

I asked Dara what her favorite part of the trip was and it was the making of the smores. She has become an expert at roasting marshmellows and after eating 6 of them, it is no wonder why...

Uprooted Tree

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