April 27, 2008

IFCC Do North

Music | Many Names by Fred Anderson

Both Dara and I have a piece in an exhibition that is opening this Thursday at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center entitled, Do North, which is celebrating the artists that live in the North and NorthEast Portland communities. 73 other artists will be showing their work in medias of painting, sculpture, photography, poetry and more.

We hope to see you at the opening, but if not, the exhibition shows thru the 24th of May. For more info, link here.

April 22, 2008


Music | Portishead

April 21, 2008


Music | Alabama by John Coltrane

My 2nd shoot with Seré garnered more consistent exposures thru out the 5 shots and a better feel for the camera. I'm still feeling a bit rushed, but thats because of my inexperience with working with the large format camera. Every time I'm behind it however, I'm feeling more comfortable. I found the magnifying loupe I knew I had, in one of the many boxes in the basement that contains various photography "stuff". Because of it, focusing this time around was much easier. The shot is lit by a 60 inch umbrella with a totalite lamp. I had a lot of room to play with exposure, but stayed closer to wide open than not.

Again, as in the first time I set up my shot, things suddenly got quiet and zen like. In the future, I will be able to more easily center myself instead of feeling a little incompetent. But as I said, the more I'm behind the camera, I'll feel more at ease to take advantage of the quiet.

April 16, 2008

A Gift...

Music | Avalon by Roxy Music

There are times in a person's life that shifts take place and a new direction like a portal opens up right in front. Today, not so much as when I was shooting this shot as much as when I was cleaning it up did such a thing happen. The nice thing was, I was aware that such an event was taking place.

The feeling is quite humbling because it is as if a gift were being presented. The Photo Gods came down and gave me direction.

I haven't deciphered what this image has done for me but I do know within it lies something that will guide me. I'll reference this image often, like only a few before it has done and still does.

April 15, 2008

1st shot

Music | Sun by William Parker

I put the 4x5 on a tripod earlier today and sat with it, looked thru it, focused with it, played with some of the movements... But it really isn't until you get a subject to work with that things start clicking again. I've got a long way to go to become one with this camera, but I enjoyed making a few exposures with it. I'm getting my bearings as I work with it more, but I realize I need to have subjects in front of the lense.

Right after dinner, I had D sit at the window while I struggled with the process. I'm getting there... but I feel it will be a slow and arduous time...


Music | New Home by Zimpala Featuring Benja & Fatalis

I'm going back in time to move forward with my work. The Busch 4x5 field camera was made somewhere in the 1950's and I've had since the late 1980's. I've shot some of my most notable portraits with that camera, but haven't used it extensively for over 15 years.

The adjustment of slowing down to grab even one exposure is difficult. I've long forgotten what adjustments moves what movements, with the exception of the focus. Looking under a dark cloth and seeing everything upsidedown is both comforting and surreal. I'm sure over time, my own mechanics will gel with the cameras and I'll feel at home again.

April 14, 2008

The King of Burgers...

Music | Too Long by Yael Naim

I was just talking to my house mate about the best burger in Portland the other day. The Helvetia Tavern, Pause and Yorgo's were all vying for the #1 position, but after a discovery today, those three will have to fight out the 2 thru 4 spots. The new King of Burgers in Portland has to go to Slow Bar. Can't go wrong with that photo, huh???

My good buddy Tony took me there for a late lunch. Along with his Winter Slow Burger, he got an amazing tomato infused Vodka Bloody Mary. Not only did it look and smell good, I got a taste and it was fantastic! I opted for the Slow Burger which consisted of 1/2 pound of Strawberry Mountain Beef, 2 delicately delicious onion rings, gruyére cheese, lettuce and a pickle relish. It comes with either a salad (yeah, right...) or fresh cut fries that compliment the burger well!

Slow Burger

Winter Slow Burger

The interior of the Slow Bar is modern, sparse, but not at all obnoxious. The Throne like booths could fit an orgy and everyone would be very comfortable and still have decent privacy.

Welcome to the new King of Burgers. I'll be back, often!

April 11, 2008

A Paper Negative...

Music | If I was Beautiful by Joydrop

When I was at Loop Junior College in Chicago, I discovered in the window of a large gallery on Michigan Ave. a few beautiful photographs being displayed. I went in hoping to find more of the photographs and was told to check the 2nd floor. There were 2 rooms upstairs, the large one filled with oppulent furniture, lots of deep red theatre drapes and columns. Off to the side was another room, with the same huge windows that graced the rest of the space. Upon entering that room, there were at least 20 8x10 portraits hanging on the walls, faces that had character, that told stories if you looked long enough. In the center of the room, at the far end sat this beautiful piece of art made of wood, that stood upon a wooden stand. It was obvious, like most of the other things in the gallery, this piece was very old, but stood the test of time because it was created by craftsman. The 8x10 inch camera sat there like it was in a throne. A piece of black velvet laid behind it. Out of the large room came a man who introduced himself as the artist who photographed those portraits, right there in the room I stood.

Over 25 years later, I remember a lot about my visits with this photographer. It was a time in my life where I was a sponge to learn as much about photography I could. One of the interesting techniques he used was to use paper negatives in his film holders. To this day, I can vividly remember the Impressionistic style, but the intensity of the faces he photographed.

Years later, I found myself with an old 8x10 wooden camera, from as early as the 1940's. It was quite similar to that photographers camera that I met years prior. My first exposure with that camera was with a paper negative. This portrait could in fact be that first one.

April 09, 2008

Going back to Bigger

Music | Miss You by The Rolling Stones

In search for more definition to being an artist, I'm back stepping with my photography, back to film and back to large format. Researching the internet, I've found a few places that I'm settling into, of note, Large Format Photography Forum. I've all ready found a few local photographers from the forum who have invited me into their circle. Once a month, they meet, show prints and talk Big Cameras! Yesterday at Hop Works Urban Brewery, I met with 7 other photographers and shared a few prints.

I found myself refreshed by the images from real film and old processes of Platinum/Palladium, Silver Geletin, Selenium Toning... I don't plan on going back into the darkroom, but feeling and touching metal on paper brought back fond memories... I wanted to come and show a few images, new and old and selected "Jeanette, #2"...

Shot on a 4x5 camera on Polaroid Type 55 film, close to 2 decades ago, looking at this print brings me back to the very day I shot it. I remember my mood, my approach for the shoot, and thinking I could stop right now and be happy. I even remember her fragrance...

So to start, I've pulled out my 1950's era Busch 4x5 field camera, bought the last box of type 56 Sepia Polaroid film from the local photography shop and if things go well, I'll continue with actual sheet film and let it take me back, way back...

April 06, 2008

Irving Penn, Vessels

Music | So Flows the Current by Patrick O'Hearn

To only have been in NYC last month...

Pace/MacGill Gallery: Irving Penn, Vessels
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