March 30, 2011

Tri X

Music | Who is He and What is He to You by Bill Withers

Every time I process a roll of film, I"m reminded how magical photography really is...

March 07, 2011

Black Coat

Music | Durian by Cinematic Orchestra

I've had this long black coat for maybe 15 years. It was a bit over sized for me when I first got it, but I've managed to fit quite nicely in it still. It is one of my favorite pieces of clothing I have and usually only where it on special occasions.

Earlier this year, I was out at North Light II Studio, thinking I could manage the 50º temps we were expecting that day. However, I didn't take into account the temperature in the shade, which ended up being significantly colder. I knew the length and the comfort of the Black Coat was just what my chilly subject needed as we were in between shots. Turns out she looked really good in it so I snapped a few photos, then snapped more. It turned into about a 10 minute session where I got quite a few nice photos...

During another shoot I had a few days later, I purposefully brought the Black Coat to use with another subject I was shooting. With each person that wore it, I told them to wear it anyway they wanted and to just go with the flow.

Here are 3 renditions of the Black Coat...

March 02, 2011

When the Ending Doesn't Have an End

Music | Induction by Broken Spindles

The exhibition that started this project has selected there artists and unfortunately, I was not a part of the show. Françoise and I had all ready decided we would try and shoot more of the head pieces to continue the project and here are 2 more.

click to view gallery

Though I didn't get into the exhibition with the wet plates, I have no regrets at all in pursuing this project. Having brought myself the opportunity to work with Françoise, Cain and Ray, I have a series of 3 great images to put into the portfolio. It has also initiated me to start printing again, which led me to a few print sales. Working with Ray, I found I may have the opportunity to share studio space where these images were created...

Getting into that exhibition would have been a nice ending to a journey that began when I saw the first show 3 years ago. Though January was when I found out about the Call for Artists, I took on what I thought would be a difficult uphill challenge just to see if I could accomplish something from start to finish. They say the destination is secondary to the journey and I've learned that is correct. I'm not one of the artists that will be in that show, but what I started a little more than a month ago, I'm still walking thru the trip.
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