August 30, 2014

Senaka, revisited...

Music | Senaka by Asa Chang and JunRay

I initially saw this video back in 2005 and the original link is dead. I managed to find it again and just wanted to share. It to me is just a Happy video to watch...

I've learned the dancer is Masako Yasumoto...

August 29, 2014

Queen of the Forest...

Music | Dark Day by Fred Anderson

More Collaboration with Françoise Weeks

Thoughts on the Inside... A Letter to Ziyi

Music | You Again by Kate Havnevic

There are different views regarding creativity. Some have your ideas that lessons often stifle the ability to think openly because suddenly, you are restricted by rules. I know for myself, I have fond memories when I was in college taking photography courses. It was my initial formal lessons in photography. In that class, I was presented with rules and had to follow guidelines. I know it is different for me as I was an adult, where as your son is a child. However, I think in order to gain a well rounded basis for a musician, painter, photographer... you have to learn the rules in order to break them.

As in the case of Keenan, I like his earlier work as well. I think it was more open and free. Now he is working with purpose and direction, which I also think is a good thing. I think he is going thru a transition and will come out on the other side with more of his work representing himself, as opposed to the rules and structure of the genre of the work he thinks he is after.

As for myself, I know that we constantly struggle and search for meaning. We are in a constant battle to find what it is we want to express. I am either getting deeper into my freedom to express, or falling out of the path I was on, which I think has been very enlightening. Coming off that last exhibition I had in June, I had to stop. I had nothing to work off of and the time of nothingness was good for me. I am now entering either being lost, or going deeper on the path I have been on for the last 3 years.

I guess in a few months, I will know where I am headed...

August 25, 2014

Elizabeth Rohloff

Music | Kiss of Life by Sade

Recently shot the Autumn line for Elizabeth Rohloff Designs. I really enjoy the challenges of shooting in a more commercial setting. The rules are all different as are the structures for working with a client who has product to sell. Working with Elizabeth is pretty easy though because she knows what she wants and is organized with her product.

We actually worked together a few times just after I first moved to Portland, almost 15 years ago. She was one of my first clients where I shot all digital images. At a time where film was still prevalent, I remember using a Nikon 990!

With all that has changed with technology, some things stay the same. A plan, organization and the ability to rely on knowledge is always nice to fall back on. Our shoot went smoothly and we all had fun doing so...

A composite of some of the images for ElizaBeth Rohloff Designs

August 10, 2014


Music | Where is My Mind by The Pixies

It is the grain, the uneven spread of the chemicals creating imperfect processing to the paper, the flaws... Nothing captures the eye nicer than flaws, when they work harmoniously to create beautiful imperfection...

This image is taken with the great Fuji 3000B Instant Film. Creating both positive and negative, I tend to produce images with the negative as the soul of the image lies within it.

TheAvalanches | Hat by Elizabeth Rohloff

August 05, 2014

The Print...

Music : Folk Song for Cello by Savath & Savalas

Such a shame it is to have to be reminded how beautiful a photographic print can be. I recently shot a few still lifes and thought how alluring it would be to see them as prints, as opposed to seeing them on a screen as I have become accustomed to. I've always thought it was my job to educate clients and the public in general how important photographs are. So easily have I been sucked into the norm, which is of course no excuse since I am a photographer.

The images below were captured almost by happenstance. Earlier in the week, I pulled out the aging pieces that Françoise Weeks created over 5 months ago for a photo shoot. I kept the pieces knowing that I wanted to shoot them again. The floral head piece and scarf were used a week ago with a model, but I just left the shoes in the box they lay rest in. The outdoor studio was consolidated because of rain earlier in the week, but was easy enough to set up a still life. I shot one shoe twice, the other, once and together, once.

TheAvalanches modeling the aged couture pieces by Françoise Weeks

Botanical shoe couture by Françoise Weeks

Botanical shoe couture by Françoise Weeks

There are images that speak to me and scream. The shoes are a great example. As I saw them on the screen, they demanded to be printed - on very nice, textural, heavy cotton rag paper. I can describe the prints as of course beautiful, but also substantial. There is weight depicted.

I've been on a binge printing after printing the shoes. I realize I may never catch up with physical prints, but having them laying about, speaking softly to me to pick them up, study, speculate and just enjoy image on paper is a good enough reason to keep going.

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