May 26, 2014


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I got up at 2:34 a.m. today and had a revelatory idea in my brain that I thought well enough to get out of bed and write about. The initial idea, once put on paper opened up and defined other thoughts I was having and defined some things about and beyond what I was trying to convey. My first round was type written, but from the beginning, I knew I wanted to put ink to paper. Being in sort of a sub zone of consciousness I think is a good thing as you are much closer to your brain. In my sleep deprived zone, I come up with some really brilliant ideas. At least I think I do... Like dreams, the message often slips away as you slowly awaken...

But about writing, paper to ink... It is so sad that the world has moved away from an elegant, romantic, beautiful way of communicating. Paper in an envelope can travel anywhere you go. Bring along to reread and contemplate at your leisure. You carry with you and part of the writer... Time can be taken to read between the lines... Essence, ever so subtle can be expressed... The message can last a lifetime...

I recently wrote a letter to a dear friend. My hope is that my words are conveyed as I meant them. As time moves forward, all we have are memories. I hope that one day, decades from now, she rereads my words and can relive this time and have something to remember, fondly...

May 24, 2014

Digital? wtf?

Music | Flowers in December by Mazzy Star

It is been a crazy busy month of shooting and framing and more shooting. And with all the craziness going on, I've managed to work on quite of few ideas, which started into a new series, digitally captured to my surprise. I was able to get a iPad mini, thru selling some dear to my heart items, and few sales . I have to say, this has been on of my more important purchases in a very long time. Along with being connected with a larger screen than my phone, the ability to write, edit photos and most surprisingly of all, shoot. I'm obviously not the purist that I once felt I was, though my roots will continue to run deep.

With the iPad and a few apps, I can shoot, edit, upload without every having to touch a self contained camera or computer. I have only basic apps and nothing of special note, but I will search in hopes to find something unique. I would like to make the mini more substantial somehow, better hand hold ability, tripod mountable and maybe even a dark cloth. Prints are not going to be huge from this way of shooting, but the spirit of my imaginings are being carried forth in such an elegant and simple manner.

I'm shooting plates and Fuji Instant film as well and will continue to do so. Making prints will become a priority as well. It is a good year!

The freedom I am allowed since being confined to the studio for my personal work has been refreshing. Looking forward to more progess...

May 22, 2014


Music | Into Dust by Mazzy Star

Oh so very important...

I am living life right now.
Obsessions, nervous tension, racing thoughts...
This is what it is to be alive.
Knowing that this is life, makes me feel much less of a desire to sabotage this feeling.
But the urge is still there...
Because it is consuming, the feeling of uneasiness, tracks of the mind being one, then 100...
I am both reliving my youth and living in the moment.
All lines of life seem blurred.
I enjoy the floating sensation and despise the eventual end.
Conflicts in my head become overwhelming.

May 13, 2014

one of two...

Music | Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley

Shooting plates has certainly honed my ability to seek truth in a more focused and concentrated manner. With my limited amount of the Fuji 3000B Instant Film, I've taken a similar approach. I will however shoot until I get at least one image I am happy with, but as it has been, I haven't had to take more than 3 exposures to meet that need.

My latest is of Cadence, one of two... I need to say it again, I really love this film, specifically the negative to positive conversion. The textures and muted tones, the natural frame created after pulling the print... I love chemical photography.

Cadence | 2014-05-12

May 07, 2014

Photo Bomb

Music | Slip Into Your Skin by Patrick Wilson

Not sure this is the correct term, but whatever it was, it sure was a lot of fun! After being ill over the weekend, I had planned on just doing nothing for the rest of my Monday. Late into the afternoon, plans started to develop and suddenly, I had a photo shoot for early evening. Photography, not for the show, not for a client, but simply for the fun of it.

Cadence was the instigator for the evening, but I had the plans. We would go out to an industrial part of town, shoot some "daring" photos out in the public world where location, timing, a little pre planning and luck would determine our fate. Photo Bombing is new to me and with my little experience, but some forethought, turned out to be an adventure for both of us.

A simple start inside the car. Cadence heated up quickly after this series...

Confidence quickly grew as we shot, moved, shot, moved...

... and attitude too!

Though all of the locations were desolate, there were folks moving about thru the area...

Upon finishing up our last shot, Cadence had always wanted to do this on train tracks. Who am I to quell a girls long time dream...

The digital plates worked out immensely well. I love this simple portrait.

The narrow wall cuts out many from view.

One of our boldest shots of the evening.

This is just what the doctor ordered. I needed to have some fun as the stress of getting the exhibition photos are heavy upon me. It is also a project I would love to work on. Being out on location is just so different from being in the studio. I love the change of pace and it makes me massage my brain to make each photo work in different situations. Look for more Photo Bomb photos soon!
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