July 26, 2005


There was another post on another journal about a faceless photograph and a question as to the significance of why they thought the image was so powerful. "Does that make it easier to impose the emotional value onto ourselves when there is no face... no identity?"

July 19, 2005

Rob Galbraith DPI: Phase One pre-announces 39MP, 31MP, and 18MP backs

Rob Galbraith DPI: Phase One pre-announces 39MP, 31MP, and 18MP backs
Now for those wanting to go back to medium format or get that brand spanking new H-1, here is all the reason to do so. Initially, these backs look very impressive, as are the current round up of medium format digital backs. I'm just wondering at what point does it stop? I know I always refer to, "Back in the Day...", but really, a system of this ability is gonna cost upwards towards $30k.

July 14, 2005



This is me since Saturday morning when I tweaked my back. I hate when this happens as it takes so long for it to get back to normal. I imagine as I get older, it will only take even longer to heal... And I guess it didn't help that on Monday, I worked 6 hours on my feet and knees, over stressing my back even more. Into the 6th day, I feel a little relief. I've got gigs for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'm not sure I want to know how I'll be feeling next Monday...

July 11, 2005


This week some major upgrades to both photographic and the computer ends of my business took place. No more will I have to worry about having enough CF cards for a job. I ended up getting 4 more gigabytes early in the week. My computer got another gigabyte of ram also and I'm now working on a Lacie 19 inch crt monitor. Having more surface space is N I C E.

As excited I am about the new purchases, I am really going nuts over the trial version of Photoshop CSII. I've only used it to adjust and convert my raw files, but I find it faster and more intuitive in helping me get beautiful images. And I am able to do this with very limited knowledge of the new processing application. Looks like there is at least one more upgrade to get!

July 04, 2005


I love what a $60 lens used backwards can bring to the show...
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