October 22, 2011

Life in the Balance...

Music | Rain by RJD2

I have always been in the mindset that things do happen for a reason, which I guess makes me somewhat of a believer that some things are destined... However, my life and beliefs are hardly consistent, so any judgements can make total sense or none at all. I go on and live the way I do, hoping for the best things to happen.

For the past day and a half, I had an event occur that made me think that my life was somewhat in jeopardy. Surprisingly, I've held it somewhat together, not mentioning it to a soul, until I found more affirmation, one way or another. As my existence hung in the balance, I stayed home, took care of business that I had been putting off to keep my mind occupied. On occasion, I was reminded I was in a floating world, on the edge, at least in my mind.

It really is too bad that we have to get to this point, of thinking we are not going to be among the living to start appreciating life. As soon as I was put into this mindset, I immediately wrote to my daughter, my appreciation for her, my feelings, my love... I hoped that the message would come across as I had meant it.

Unimportant things fell away, things I felt important to accomplish became a check mark on my to do list. All the sudden, things were crystal clear...

This morning, by the happenstance of nature, I got my answer to my future. I took a deep breath and the impetus of my fears were washed away, at least for now.

Where will I go from here...

October 16, 2011

2011-10-15 Pair of Pears...

Music | Someone Like You by Adele

2011-10-16 Bosc Pear>

2011-10-16 Asian Pear

October 15, 2011

Time Waits for Nothing...

Music | Anonymous Melody by ORG Lounge

Another step of the eventual demise of film occurred where there are no longer any manufacturers of motion picture cameras. Those that have survived and the new start ups are all making digital cameras. Soon, just like the recording industry where there is no longer any recording tape being made, film will soon follow in its footsteps, still and motion...

I'm not sure what the statistics are, but I wonder how many brand new still cameras are being sold. Anyone interested in film cameras have huge selections to choose from at great prices, mere fraction of the cost of anything new. The same can be said for anything related to film photography... Why buy new cameras, lenses, enlargers, etc... when the used market is so huge.

Over 2 years ago, I did buy a brand new film camera. In my lack of faith in being a creative in the digital world, I decided to go back to film, go back to large format and bought a 4x5 Chamonix field camera. It wasn't until this year where the camera is getting a nice work out, being used often thru spurts of shooting. Ironically, the last 3 cameras I've purchased were film cameras. A few years ago, I couldn't pass up on a Nikon FM with a 50mm f:1.4 lense. A few months later I got a nice inexpensive 35mm lense too. Sometime last year, I picked up my first Rolleiflex tlr. I haven't shot with it a lot, but I do enjoy taking it out and shoot when I can. The experience is totally new, since I have not had history with it. My next film camera will be the camera I regret selling the most. A Hasselblad cm500 with an 80mm t* lense and an A12 film back. I sold mine back in 2002, but yearn for one now.

I wonder is it that I'm in the age range when folks think things were so much better in the past that I feel so nostolgic about mechanical analog devices, or that digital is just bowling over everything and really changing the way we do things. I'm just not ready to let go.

October 10, 2011


Music | Blue Lines by Massive Attack

October 03, 2011

What I Hate...

Music | Jericho by Weekend Players

I hate bad lighting... What I love? I love the fact that I can shoot a Wet Plate Collodion, process it, scan it and show it. I'm not taking an image, processing out the raw file, adjusting and fine tuning and making it look vintage or adding textures to change the photograph and the scene all together.

I like the idea and taking time to create an image, a scene and work towards the goal. It is so much more fulfilling, direct and meaningful. I am lucky to find something I love doing, and the ability to create a piece from it.

Grace Page Ryder

October 02, 2011

Location, Location, Location...

Music | The Chartreuse Mean by Ravi Coltrane

Today was a stellar day. Brandon Fernandez and I finally took Wet Plate Collodion on the road. Because a dark room is needed to prep and process the Plate, all of our shooting has been done at the studio. After months of talking the talk, we finally made efforts to shot at an industrial area in North Portland. We both hired models to work with, and brought everything we could think of that we might need.

The weather threatened rain since the beginning of our morning, but no one spoke of it. My guesstimation of a 6 sec exposure was nicely off by one stop. 3 Seconds wide opened worked fine for my 2nd exposure, but because the clouds were varied thru out the morning, I had some difficulty reading the light. Though I managed 9 plates, I only nailed 3 correctly exposed.

Fortunately, this was one of them...

As it turns out, this is probably one of the technically most dead on plate I have shot to date. It was a last minute shot and just before the rain started to fall and gusts of winds picked up. A fantastic way to end our shooting day.
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