February 21, 2016

Building an Ultra Large Format Camera

Music | Honey by Moby

Lately, there have been a good amount of posts of people who are making ULF cameras, anything larger than an 8x10. It never occurred to me that maybe I could build one as I felt it was way out of my skill level. Not only that, cost for film is just outrageous and how would I ever be able to process a 16x20 or 20x24 sheet? But with the thought of paper negatives, X-ray film and Direct Positive Paper, the idea of being able to create native images Big is turning my head and the idea is intriguing me more.

I am starting to realize I don't need a fully functioning camera in the traditional sense. I won't be shooting wide ranging subject matter of landscapes to close ups, but more simply, 1/2 to 3/4 shots of a body. One of the hardest parts of building such a camera would be eliminated, knowing what it will be used for. I will have to figure out what lense I will be using and factor the general distance I will be shooting from the subject. I can make a no bellows sliding box camera..

At this point, I am thinking in totally a naive perspective. In due time, I'll do some homework and see how feasible this idea is to construct. I have to admit, shooting 16x20 or even 11x14 is an exciting thought!

February 09, 2016


Music | Crescent by John Coltrane

Marie | 8x10

February 07, 2016

Slow Down!

Music | The Crossing by The World Saxophone Quartet

With deadlines still more than 5 months out, the Big Project I am working on with Françoise Weeks has put undo pressure on my psyche. Our shoot before today especially felt stressful to me, even though everything was pretty much figured out in advance. We had great models, I had an assistant, we had plenty of time in the studio. Yet, I realized even during that shoot, I wasn't as relaxed, or I just felt a gnawing that pestered me through most of our time.

I've gotten better at figuring out what it could be if something gets me in this mindset. I decided that like in my previous post, I needed to breathe. I was getting so caught up in the project that I forgot to just have fun. Take 3 steps back and then start over.

This shoot Françoise and I did earlier today, though quickly put together, I went back to basics. Work the grey area and make it simple. I realized on the previous shoot, I was working in extreme mode. I made things way more difficult than they needed to be. This time, one light, mostly head shots and little changes. I switched from the dslr to 8x10, screwed up a sheet, but let it slide. I thought to myself at least I realized the mistake.

I often go back to a series of portraits I did at a café I frequented called Madrona Hill. This was back in maybe 2003. I think of that series that jump started me back into being creative. One camera, one lens and natural light. Check it out. It is a short but good read.

That was my inspiration to get back home. Today was a great shoot...

Marie wearing a Françoise Weeks Original"

February 02, 2016


Music | To Build a Home (Radio Version) by Cinematic Orchestra

39 prints. I get to frame them now! Oh boy!

Hand stamped and signed

1 of 20

Music | Hindsight by DJ Shadow

It is 12:45 a.m. I am in the midst of opening 20 files and making prints for the Freedom Fighters presentation and reception that will be happening in a little over 2 weeks. With huge printing problems earlier, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to fix or have an alternative ready to go. In all, 39 prints of portraits will be made and framed.

It appears the printing is going well (knock wood) with a streamlined process in place. I'm breezing through the first 20 and should be done soon.

I love these late night productive moments.

February 01, 2016

What is Beautiful...

Music | Resolution by Thievery Corporation

I'm sitting here wondering what to write because this image is having an enveloping play with my brain. I often get to a point where I know if I think about it hard enough, I will be able to verbalize some nuances of my thoughts. Sometimes, I don't care and admire it and let it go. It is a beautiful image for right now, just for the sake of beauty.

This is Beautiful...

I don't always have the need to express in words what I feel. I don't have art speak on my mind hardly ever anyway. I've been told that is important to be able to speak about your work. I have enough of a hard time to even come up with an artist statement, let alone talk about specific work and how it relates to me. I am working on it though.

Today, I don't give a fuck. I post this image out into the world because I feel like it.

Fuck you.
-- --