July 25, 2009

Comfort Is The Enemy Of Greatness�|�Accidental Creative

Comfort Is The Enemy Of Greatness�|�Accidental Creative

When I stop and think, times of discomfort often brings on the bigger returns in the creative process. I've written on this topic before and I'm glad to have run into Accidental Creative's post to remind me, I'm OK... I am in a state of transition and feel like I'm floating, no ground beneath me to stand upon. I've been quite concerned being in this state, but I'm beginning to feel I should just enjoy the ride. Out of the tunnel, I'm sure I will have some foundation to take a few steps forward to change the direction to something different...

July 24, 2009

Photo Prive

Photo Prive

Music | Big Paul by John Coltrane

Photo Privé

This is the latest incarnation I've come up with where creativity, art and commerce is balanced and where I feel I am not selling out my vision as an artist. That is also the basis of Photo Privé, more so about art and the provocative nature of women, than the 'sexy", "pretty", "gorgeous" adjectives used to portray other photographers that are photographing women in the "boudoir" style.

I don't think Photo Privé and boudoir have anything in common. But to reach the women who want to step up and in many ways, create art for themselves or to the masses, we have to start somewhere. I do in fact think Photo Privé is far beyond where boudoir ends. And so today is born the phrase, photographing women in the Privé tradition...

July 22, 2009

At the Café

Music | White Flag by Dido

She slouches a little, but is so engaged that she is letting her passion of what she speaks of come thru her body, ever more creeping up to the edge of the table. Her eyes are focused and intent. Everything about her says wall flower, down to her brown flats and ruffled brown skirt just above her ankles. She wears a green cardigan sweater covering up a non matching blue and white striped shirt. She reminds me of photos of my Mom that were taken in the 50's. I can't hear the conversation, but it looks of acedemic subject matter. Besides her is a green over the shoulder bag and a book that is 3 inches thick with a pink book marker towards the end. As she and her gentleman talk, her macbook sits in front of her, but closed. Note pad and pen all within reach... Pictures are drawn, ideas being conveyed... I am piqued...

July 03, 2009

When you CAN go home...

Music | Golden Rust by Robert Miles

Just in from a bike ride in 90º heat, I've fallen to my chair in front of the computer not knowing what to do... Flipping thru sites, I've come to Tabula Rasa knowing it has been many days since my last post and many days for that one as well.

I'll just move on as if nothing has happened and try to pick up the pace... My Dad's health has been waning, but not to the extent where we were told by a doctor that he had 1 to 2 months of life left about 6 weeks ago... He shortly came back several days later to tell my Dad he was wrong. Meanwhile the family was scrambling trying to figure out what to do. I made flight plans with Dara to fly back. Well, the bad news turned into good, Dara and I had a trip to take and we all made the best of it. We got to see family and friends and I decided to make the trip all about food.

While in Chicago, I made sure to hit everything I have been craving since the last time I was in Chicago... 1st morning there, we were off to the Golden Apple on Clark street. Though it was made famous by the public radio series, This American Life, I used to go at least once a week with my good buddy Todd way back in the day...

After returning from our visit to Wisconsin, our first stop was The Wiener Circle. I had to get my mouth around a Char Cheddar Hot Dog and Dara got a more traditional Chicago dog. Fries of course was a must...

I was not used to the hot and humid heavy air that bestowed us on our visit, but a few afternoons to the beaches along Lake Michigan was a great way to cool off. We also made it to Mario's on Taylor. The best Italian Ice in the city!!!

I was determined to get to a few difficult places as well, one being Uno's Pizza. Mayor Daley has really made parking downtown ridiculous. Dara and I did get lucky and found a spot about a block away. I've longed for Uno's for years, hitting other venues like Lou Malnatti's, Gino's... I was satisfied, but a little disappointed. I thought the crust was a bit over cooked. Left overs later that night was fantastic!

A few others I've been yearning for...

The gyros plate was from some Greek dive on Clark. I also hit the south side for Harold's chicken in Hyde Park. I've recently heard the one to go to however is on 87th just off the Dan Ryan. I was quite satisfied with my 1/2 with salt, pepper and mild sauce...
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