February 26, 2011


Music | Love Chant

Serendipity often leaves nice moments and good experiences behind. And so again, she came and opened up a small opening to enable me to photograph Jes who recently came back from Rome, only to be leaving for LA in the next few days. My desire to shoot a wet plate of her will however have to wait, but we still were able to get some great shots. Via facebook, I found she was still in town, and had some time. Promptly, 4 hours later we would meet to shoot.

An unusual cloudless sky, but frigid temps kept our movement limited, but focused. We only worked together once before for portraits of her little bro and herself about 3 years ago. I had confidence that she would be able to project in front of the camera, solo.

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February 23, 2011

Artists, Creating, Something from Nothing...

Music | Angel by Weekend Players

Stepping out of the subject matter I tend to shoot, Françoise Weeks asked if I would photograph her latest creations that were going into an upcoming show. I'm finding it important to being with and working with other artists, if for nothing else, to gain perspective.

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The small sampling of what I shot here still shows the attention to detail, but flow and freedom in which all the various elements come together as well. I'd love to see the process... of creating happening. Magical both as a piece and process... But that is what artists do... make something out of nothing...

February 10, 2011


Music | Jericho by Weekend Players

Close to the middle of January, I found a Call to Artist for a show that will be exhibiting alternative forms of photography. It is the same show I saw 3 years ago which I appointed as one of the most important shows I had ever seen in Portland. My eyes were opened to the amazing technique of wet plates. It was at that point where my interest became focused.

Last year was really the first time I was able to explore the medium, which I still have not mastered. There are so many variables and so many things to comprehend in order to merely get an image on plate. Throughout last summer, I shot, but came no where near a plate I felt great about that stood up on its own.

With that in mind, I decided to go after this Call, short notice, lack of skills, lack of confidence... Inside my head, I knew I wanted to use this opportunity as a spring board, a new beginning to push me out of where I am into a different way of thinking.

Since the exhibit was about alternative photography, far removed from modern technology, I decided to not only use the wet plate as the medium to my images, but to use subject matter without any modern adornments. What would beauty look like without fashionable cloths, jewelry, material objects...?

I've been wanting to work with Françoise Weeks, one of Portland's premiere floral designers. I knew of her work and always thought I wanted to collaborate with her. This was the project. I was overjoyed that she wanted to meet with me to discuss the project and then work with me.

A muse of many years, Cain was the first person I thought of to be the subject of this project. I'm always assured at least one great image everytime we get together.

I know most of my hurdles from this project are my own mental blocks. Having looked back at this, from the perspective of one day passing since the shoot, I realize that just getting the wheels turning was the hardest part. My hours spent with Cain, Françoise and Ray, who let me use his studio was a ton of fun!

My main goal at this point is to keep moving and push my mental insecurities.

February 07, 2011

Great Advice!

Music | Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless

John Harrington - How to Stay Profitable in Today's Economy via A Photo Editor.

... but who will follow it?
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