December 19, 2008

FaceBook and an era of time...

Music | Songs from the 70's by various artists via Pandora

I joined FaceBook a few months ago and did'nt enjoy the experience so much... It did'nt make any sense to me and I just could'nt figure out how the damned interface worked... Frankly, I still don't, but recently, I've gotten found and have been found by quite a few people from my past. In the last month, I must have heard from over 10 people who I haven't seen in close to 3 decades! Earlier today, I used the chat feature to communicate with a fellow student who I've known since the 7th grade. After high school, we haven't spoken until she found me on FaceBook, recently. I got caught up on some really old gossip that brought back some good and bad memories. Later today, I thought of band from back then that I really liked. It was from way back from when I was a freshman or sophmore in high school. My sense of music was pretty eclectic, but I have to say back then, I was really moved by 70's slow jams. In Pandora, I created a station after a band named L.T.D. The following is the last 10 songs that were presented to me and really brought me back to the day...

1. We Both Deserve Each Others Love by L.T.D.
2. A House is Not a Home by Luther Vandross
3. Betcha By Golly Wow by The Stylistics
4. Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire
5. Love Won't Let Me Wait by Major Harris
6. Easy by The Commodores
7. Love Ballad by L.T.D.
8. Feel the Fire by Teddy Pendergrass
9. Voyage to Atlantis by The Isley Brothers
10. Sweet Thing by Chaka Khan & Rufus

December 18, 2008

A {Manifesto} for AC? | Accidental Creative

Music | Pita's Room by Harry Gregson-Williams

Wow, words to live by

A {Manifesto} for AC? | Accidental Creative

Me and D

Music | Summerisle by Saint Etienne

December 15, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire...

Music | Too Long by Yael Naim

It's one thing when you just wanna stay in from the cold and you don't feel like going out, but it is entirely different when the city is covered in ice and you CAN"T go anywhere... And so I sit at home, perusing the internet and sulking... However, thru my clicks and turns from one site to another, I am reminded that I really need to get out and see Slumdog Millionaire! I've also discovered there is am amazing women who I think I could fall in love with!!!

Words and Change...

Music | 1234 by Feist

A few words bringing on thousands of images...

December 12, 2008

Back and Forth

Music | The Reason Why by Rachael Yamagata

A recent series that consciously started a few months ago... Faded and now re-inspired...

I hate when I read blogs and such that are vague on details. I'm sorry but this is one of those blogs. More on this at a later date...

December 08, 2008


Music | First Love by Adele

Is there anything to say?
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