November 21, 2005

A new Mode

When I was a teen and early 20's, I used to ride my bike everywhere. It was a situation where I either rode my bike and took the bus. I had no car. Well, after a series of bad luck, I am again without a car. I've decided that instead of trying to repair my latest vehicle, it is going to the salvage yard. So, I am in a situation where I am trying to convince myself that I will ride my 2 wheel, self propelled vehicle in the worst weather-wise time of the year.

For the past 3 days, I've ridden this...

And I have to say that I've been feeling good doing it. My usual daily commute to my café I go to is about 6.5 miles round trip. When I pick up my daughter from school, I'll ride another bike that has a trail-a-bike attached to it. That will be roughly 11 miles round trip. We'll see how I feel when it is very cold and rainy, though I am prepared for it.

In the meantime, while riding, I get to stop and take photos like these...

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