December 09, 2005

PAW 49

PAW, or Picture a Week. I've been meaning to start this project for over a month, but just have not gotten around to it. The so unofficial start for me to begin this project I hope is not indicative of failure, but I just wanted to get this going and have a goal to post photos til the end of the year.

My first photo, 49 weeks into 2005 is a result of having a conversation with EA, pictured here. Also a photographer, and also wanting to get in deeper water with photography, we talked about PAW and other subjects and projects regarding photography. It is too easy not to take photos and get better and make a timeline of your own life. Our lives get so busy doing what we think is necessary that we miss out on the idea of the mere enjoyment we have when we take a picture.

Everytime I go out and shoot, for the sake of shooting, I come back in a better mood. I'll feel even better when I come back with something I'm proud of and want to show off.

So, week 49, a photo of EA at a cafe I frequent on Thursday, 10:30 a.m.

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FotoBoy said...

I think your project sounds very interesting. I hope you are dedicated and able to pull it off. As artists with cameras, it's very important that we practice our craft, even if the images aren't worthy of hanging on a wall.

Your image of this woman is very nice. It captures her spirit and life energy. A simple and pleasant portrait.

Keep up the good work!

-- --