October 01, 2006

Irrational and Emotional...

Music | Now That We Found Love by Heavy D and the Boyz

I am a member of various forums that relate to motorcyles, jazz, Volvo's, computers and of course photography. I rarely post, except to threads that I strongly disagree with or for ideas and concepts that aren't in the limelight. I think for the signal to noise ratio, which is always in favor of noise, I still believe there is often much to learn from various voices.

For once, I started a thread, for the sake of starting one. You know my relationship with my new printer is all ready a strong one. I wrote in my thread a post similar to what I would write in my blog. My experiences with my printer and how much joy it has brought me. I don't need to expound here...

Now I have to admit, I was trying to steer the thread to a creative path and how others feel about the output of their similar printers. How much it has inspired them as it has inspired me. I had the gall to think I would be able bring about creative communication... And in trying to "steer" the thread in that direction, I guess in the eyes of at least one reader, I was being irrational and emotional. At least that is what I got out of his response when I first read it. I suddenly got on a rampage and knew I shouldn't respond immedietly. After a few minutes, I did respond, much LESS emotional than what it was the prior minutes that I had let pass.

Anyway, I guess I could have been called many other things that I really wouldn't have appreciated. But as I think of those words in context to what the thread was about, I see it more as a peripheral compliment. I don't think the poster was trying to be insulting either. But when emotions run high, sometimes you don't see things clearly.

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