March 04, 2008

Group Show...

Music | Aka Tonbo by Aiko Shimada & Elizabeth Falconer

I was asked last minute to be apart of a group exhibition of various artists in the Pearl District at the Albina Community Bank of Portland. I'm not sure how many artists were invited, but I am excited to be in my 3rd group show.

Apprehensive, I stepped off today to hang my photographs. The tension of arranging, hammering that nail to the wall, hanging the frame always stirs up my essence. The anticipation of climbing off the step ladder and walking away to view my work from the perspective of a viewer is frightening. But today, the Photo Gods were with me and although seeing my photographs in a foreign setting was unnerving, together they felt like they belonged. My deep sigh of relief lasted only as long as a woman stepped in front of my images and stared. She didn't move for a good 45 seconds. I stood a good 10 yards away wondering what the hell she was thinking, her head moving up and down from one image to the next, arms folded... This is merely hanging day... I laugh as the thought of the opening is a mere 2 days away.

Here are the images that will be displayed for the month of March...

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