November 04, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Music | Reactive Switching Strategies by DJ Spooky

Though we've been talking about doing some nudes outside, Seré and I kept waiting for the weather and our time to coincide, but it never came to be... Though I knew conditions were not optimum for doing some photography outside, it was in fact chilly, a little rainy and very overcast. I decided to try and just go for it. Seré wasn't quite as up to the challenge as I was, but she was a trouper. Our first location was a bust as heavy construction was going on right at the base of where we wanted to go. As I started getting car sick, trying to sleep as we drove thru the gorge up and down winding roads, I almost decided to call it quits. Just where we decided to pull a U turn, it turns out it was an entrance to a very secluded public park. Just as we got out of the car, light rain drops started falling again as we quickly made a plan of attack to make the most of the moment. In all, we found 4 different views in just about 45 minutes and a 1/2 mile of walking and being out in the wet and cold. As much as we both complained, we felt fantastic getting back to the warmth of the heated car and cups of hot chocolate that awaited us.

Though there are the obvious challenges of trying to find locations to shoot nudes, I'm hoping I get the opportunity to do it again very soon.

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