May 18, 2009

Beautiful Women

Music | Or Truth? by Uri Caine

I'm blown away at the time since my last post. Besides the really shitty news I recently received, which I will try and delve into later, I'm finding it hard to believe it has been over a month since I last posted.

Over the weekend my very good friend GG aka Sherry had her 40th birthday. I brought my camera along for the hell of it, not really intending to shoot, but did so anyway. During the early evening as everyone had settled, after the merriment of eating and drinking and eating cake, calmness took over and I was able to photograph each and everyone there. As I quickly pulled off a few frames of each, I knew that within a few I had shot, I was presented with a few master pieces. One never knows when these images will appear, but within a matter of a minute, I was given several!

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