September 08, 2009


Music | As the Stars Fall by The Cinematic Orchestra

It feels good to know that over time, you start to realize some things about yourself, the things that define you as a person, as an artist. I have in my head the type of portraits that I want to create, but often times, things get in the way and you stray... I know of this phenomenon and it's desires are to quash my creative intent and mold me into mediocrity.

In my latest sitting, a portrait of a woman that I've been acquainted with, but don't really know, I had visions of an image that was somewhat historic, but yet timeless. Frankly, I want all of my images to have an ethereal quality that can't be defined by time.

Yesterday, my priority was not to let the phenomenon of mediocrity affect my time with my subject. Though my heart is heavy with the passing of my father, I worked thru that and easily fell into my moment with my camera, my subject. The weather really couldn't have been better, with slight drops of rain on occasion, clouds flowing in and out with even some sun rays - being in the moment of just creating a fine portrait allowed me not to worry and just go with the flow.

I think what I've learned recently is that there is something inside me that can be defined, that I am not just some wannabee with no skills. I have something to say and it is starting to speak. It has certainly taken much longer than I ever anticipated, but the wait has been good.

Anne | Grounded and Discordedness

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