August 18, 2010

More Beauty...

Music | Mad World by Alex Parks

Jen was back in town for another few days and for the 2nd time, I have been fortunate enough to photograph her again. I love our collaborations together. We don't talk much and as I imagine our future sessions together, we may not have to talk at all... Being comfortable in silence is just as important as verbally communicating our opinions, desires and instructions.

However, I appreciate Jen more so because she can push me when she has her own ideas to keep the shooting going. I didn't have a lot of advance ideas coming into the shoot. It was more of a flow and go day. Of the 7 plates we shot, only one was a disappointment and that was more my judgement call than anything else.

I'm starting to feel connected to this art. Still way more to learn, but having some grasp, little to very little, I'm feeling so excited about shooting and creating more plates...

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martha said...

wow, Ted beautiful, especially the middle one, it is amazing, it has qualities of a painting. I love that one extra.

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