July 10, 2012

Hang Your Own Work..

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It is nice to know that my printer is actually sustaining itself and putting a little money in my pocket. Actually it is just going to get more materials for me to keep shooting, but that is good too!

One of my clients saw some of my food wet plates I shot late last year and the early part of this year. I was happy that she ordered 2 prints, possibly 3 prints a bit larger than I have sold in the past, and framed. Since putting up the show at Sesso, and also helping a friend hang her show, I was feeling confident in finding the right size frame and style. I often go simple and use black metal with a mat with coverage around the actual image. My client couldn't decide weather a dark brown wood or black frame would be best, so I presented her with both. Of course she went with my standard black frame, which left me with the brown. I printed up an image of a squash to put in it and it turned out looking amazing. Holding it in my hands leaves my perspective of it, limited. However, hanging it on the wall just transformed the piece.

It is kind of sad when a photographer gets this feeling so rarely as I do... My photo suddenly was a work of art. In all my sincerity, I was very proud at what I created and seeing it as art, or a perspective that was a bit foreign to me was astounding.

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