August 13, 2012

Out of the Comfort Zone

Music | Shh by Frou Frou

Not a planned for today, but it appears Brandon was as wired to shoot as I was. I had mentioned wanting to shoot at Peninsula Park and he was ready to go. I was thinking it would be nice to have 2 shooters as one watched over gear while the other prepped to shoot.

This was a good exercise for me as I hadn't shot out in the field with wet plates in over a year. I made the mistake of forgetting my dark cloth and loupe. Brandon brought along his dark room tent that we shared. It was nice and refreshing being outside, under a lot of shade which was good. The temps rose close to 90º.

I don't think either of us however became too inspired. I managed to shoot only 3 plates and only one of those was worthy. I went thru 6 plates as my collodion started to thicken. I then realized I should have some alcohol available to cure the issue.

I have come to the realization that I should be much more consistent when working under more controlled circumstances. So many things can go wrong as it is, but on location that becomes ten fold. Working at the studio, in a real darkroom, controlled lighting and temperatures should make the process easy... hmmmmm... what am I doing wrong...

Peninsula Park Rose Garden

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