August 06, 2013

I Love What I Do...

Music | Reach for It by George Duke

I had recently made a sale of 2 images from the Floral Head Pieces series. A new to me collector saw the images and immediately wanted them. It is always a wonderful feeling selling work from what I love to do. It becomes even more special when a letter of appreciation comes after the delivery. I don't usually gush about such things, but I just loved the way this made me feel after reading it...

Welcomed home to a wonderful package!
Even more breathtaking when I hold them in my hands.
Thinking about why I like these two so much.

They are perpetual, in a way timeless in their beauty,
Images I can enjoy endlessly despite various moods I might be in or phases in my life.
The process itself is timeless and harkens to a past.

They are delicately feminine.
I think feminine comes in many forms.
In these images, you have women who are delicate in their frames and features.
They remind me of how delicate I can be in my nature.
Women are delicate, even the strongest ones, even the ones most tossed by the wind.
Delicately feminine.

They are nature asymmetrical.
I have a strong connection with nature, the outdoors, wildlife, living freely.
The flowers have the asymmetry of nature that hints at a field of wild flowers in the wind.
They are also bold and overstated yet seemingly natural in their place.
Nature asymmetrical.

Perpetual, delicately feminine, nature asymmetrical.
oh and mine!

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