January 23, 2015

Always Something...

Music | Love is a Dangerous Necessity by Charles Mingus

There are still over 3 weeks for the Haute Couture Botanique exhibition opening. For me, it is a bit strange to have started the process and still have so much time before the event. Though I have only framed 2 pieces for the show, of which I probably have at least 12 more to go, I've designed and produced a postcard that is circulating, created header images for the FaceBook events page, located art work of which 2 major pieces were lost as far as I was concerned, and trying to keep the buzz going without over doing announcements and such. Today, I just finished producing and printing 5 posters for the venue to post...

It is getting to the point where I can concentrate on the art work. The plates need varnishing and framing. The other pieces have to be selected, sized and framed. I want to keep up the effort and energy, especially since I have so much time to work on this.

Feels good to be ahead of the ballgame!

13 x 19 posters for the venue...

Posters will be given away during the opening

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