December 30, 2015

Late Christmas

Music | Look for Me (I'll Be around) by Neko Case

I love getting unexpected Christmas gifts after Christmas. To say it was unexpected is kind of unfair as I got to work with Françoise Weeks again. I just kind of expect great things whenever we work together. On this day, I put together a crew with an assistant and make up artist for the shoot. Also, I have a great studio to work in with lots of room to spread out. It feels like we are stepping up to the next level.

As per usual, we came up with a simple concept and moved forward. Because of a new project, I'd have to kill you if I told you what it was. Suffice to say, we have another absolute amazing image. It will be a while before these new images will be released. However, because we put so much into each shoot, we decided to do a secondary shoot where we could show something.

Having great support and lots of room to work, though I wanted to do even more, we got so much into each of the photos without feeling overly over done. The room to be able to breath cannot be taken lightly. When things ramp up in the brain, either by inspiration or some technical issue, it is nice to be able to physically step back and get a different view to work things out.

After working on getting our HERO shot, I let the make up artist go. Our only initial concept for the secondary shoot was that we were going to use mud and cheese cloth. It is an idea I worked with before, but thought this was another opportunity to push the idea further.

Having great talent to work with makes creating so fulfilling. The energy goes thru the roof when collaboration happens. Not often do you get lost in the moment. Time goes away... I'm all ready looking forward to work with these folks again.

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