January 19, 2017

Moving Forward via History

Music : Calling You by Jevetta Steele

Getting back into hifi, I have certain ideas in my head of what I'd like to recreate, along with delving deeper into this returning passion of mine. There is a ton of new technologies that I have not kept up with and being out of the playground for close to 20 years, there is a lot to catch up with.

I'm wanting to both take advantage of the digital aspect and also recreate the tone and mood of listening to a component system I had in the past. I'm one who is still physically connected to loading film in a camera or adjusting carburetors. In that same vein, I enjoy placing the tone arm on a record and even loading a cd in the player and making adjustments to bass and treble.

Through this process, I hope to hone a sharper, more clear and concise ear bringing back the history of my past listening experiences and also moving forward with the technologies.

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