April 17, 2018

A Bio for an Upcoming Workshop

Music | Red Eye by The Album Leaf

I am in my 34th year with photography being by my side. It has been my emotional obsession to which even in the midst of being at my worst, can take me to a place of solace. I have been a lifelong student of hers and know I will always have lessons waiting for me.

Photography has been a passion since the moment I created my first print in the darkroom. No longer was I just snapping away taking photos for the sake of it, but having the idea what the print would look like became paramount.

2 years in college studying photography, then 2 more studying art, I knew this was the path I was to follow. I furthered my education learning from commercial photographers where I honed my own ideas and skills. I ran my own business shooting commercially for over a decade.

During a turning point in the business, my commercial aspirations lessoned and creating images from my soul became more important. I never called myself an artist as I never thought I was ready. The transition was steady, but always moving towards that direction. In time, I was much more comfortable with the term, Artist and finally became one.

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