September 25, 2006


Music | Caravan by Ben Webster

It's so gratifying to be able to deliver prints again. There is so much care put into these pieces, it is almost sad to see them go. In the last week, I've delivered 3 images to clients. Today, I picked up one from the framers. I got to admire it for a few minutes before sending it out via fed ex. Last week, 2 images were printed and delivered. I got to see one of them out of context, it was being displayed during a couple's wedding and reception that I was covering.

The images are the same, it is the process that has changed. I feel so much more connected to what I am delivering. While shooting a lot of editorial since 2001, everything I delivered was electronic. A website of images for the client to select, followed by a CD or ftp to deliver the file. Shooting weddings got me back to delivering prints, but prints made with no love, no emotion. Sending my files out to a lab for someone else's interpretation to send my files thru a machine to make the prints, on paper that has the personality of a plastic utensil.

I used the word sensual to describe some of the prints I've made on fine art papers to a comrade who remembers the days of the darkroom and fibre based prints. I believe those days are back, full force and multiplied by 10. The tactile and aromatic senses of creating the print are no longer, but the ability to create dimensional, tonal images with depth and to be palpable in the hands are here to stay. It is nice to be home again...

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FotoBoy said...

I'd say your last post was sensual. :)

You are obviously passionate about the tactile nature of prints in the hand. This passion is spilling over into your art and your conversation. Passion is what motivates and drives art and artists.

Keep on printing and sharing!

-- --