September 04, 2006

Photography and Motorcycling...

Music | Ode to Tip by Fred Anderson

For the past few days, I've been thinking of converting a motorcycle bag to carry my digital slr and a few lenses. Ratspike, a fellow rider and photographer was thinking the same. Since getting this printer, I've found much of what I photographed with my point and shoot is just not going to make it if I want to print large photographs. During morning coffee, we talked about what sort of bag would be best. A tank bag, tail bag, or what I ended up with, just a normal camera bag slung over my shoulder. I didn't think this would work out because of the weight, but if I'm only carrying one body and 2 primes, that might be managable.

So to test my basic idea, I went out on the bike this evening and rode to an industrial area where I knew I'd find some photography subjects. The bag stayed in place, and yet did not weigh down my shoulder where all of the weight was bearing. One lens mounted to the body, another lens in a seperate partition... easy out, easy in and the bag can always stay on me!

Having the ability to tie 2 very important aspects of my life together is going to be a creative blow out. I've all ready often ridden thru small towns with great old western architecture. Riding thru industry, there are so many textures I'd love to add to my library. Now I can ride and stop and photograph things that are not otherwise easily accesible.

On my short jaunt tonite...

I can see with my minds eye the once turquoise building in its heyday, now sun faded to its natural colour, only leaving traces of its history.

a scene out of a movie by my favorite director, Wim Wenders

A remarkable acheivement of hand holding this shot and being able to capture all the tonality. 1/4 second, wide open.

None of these photos would have been captured this evening without the motorcycle. I'm looking forward to more riding and more photography.

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