August 13, 2008

Curves, LIne and Speed

Music | The Sea by Morcheeba

It was nice to have some distraction from the end of last week into the weekend. Lots of hard work, but being fulfilled with amazing stimuli for the ears and the eyes. My first visit to the lauded race track of Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA was a lot of fun. I love cars, but the cars I saw over the weekend were true works of art. I was covering the Ferrari Challenge for a client, but was also treated to some historic car racing as well.

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Christopher Perez said...

Amazing. Laguna Seca is such an interesting track.

About two decades back I went to a motorcycle race and was treated to none other that Juan Manuel Fangio Himself driving an old supercharged Alfa F1 around the circuit. And no, he wasn't going slowly either.

Such a memorable place.

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